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How much memory is a specific user account using?

I have an M1 MacBook Pro, and I've just enabled fast user switching to allow my partner to use my device with her own account when I'm not using it, as we can't justify the cost of purchasing a second ...
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How to enable multiple user accounts on an iPad, to be used by a family

I'm trying to set up a new iPad 9 to be used by me, my wife, and our kid, all under their own user accounts at the iOS level. I know it's not straightforward to do this, but I'm trying to do it using ...
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How to make OpenVPN Connect work in a multi-user macos?

How to make OpenVPN Connect work in a multi-user setup in macos 14? If it launches after a user logs in and OpenVPN Connect launches there, then after the user logs out and another one logs in, the ...
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How to switch user quickly, on Mojave?

There are two users enabled and used at the same time. Usually I need to click via mouse the username in the top bar, choose the username2, type in the password. Am wondering if there's a quicker way....
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Fast user switching broken after 10.14.6 update

Previous to this update, I could have as many concurrent logins as I wanted, switching easily between them using the menu available at the top-right of my screen. I could simply click the user I ...
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Is there a shortcut to "Switch User" from the Lock Screen in macOS Mojave?

Let's say you lock your screen with Command + Control Q. Now, you want to log in as a different user, without using the mouse. It seems that this is possible if you press Shift Tab twice, followed by ...
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How to disable switching user with Touch ID?

So here is a hypothetic scenario: I'm at work presenting something to a colleague and we are both looking at my screen, when suddenly I have to access a service that requires a password. I use ...
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Log out from user switching menu

Can I move or copy the "Log Out" item from the Apple Menu to the fast user switching menu at the right side of the menu bar? It seems a much more appropriate place for it. I'm running El Captain 10....
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MacOS freezes for a few seconds then logout?

This question is related to one I asked before, OSX freezes and logs me out when switching workspaces, it doesn't happen everytime and it's not consistant? I did track the logs this time but ...
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I keep getting logged out when I switch users

I'm running macOS 12.12.3 (Sierra). I keep getting logged out when I try to switch users, both doing fast user switching and going back to the login menu and then logging in. It's incredibly ...
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OS X slow after switching users

I have a 2010 MacBook Pro running OS X Yosemite with 4GB of RAM and 200+ GB of disk space. After switching users, the user who has just logged in is slow. Waiting several minutes or dropping to ...
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"Logout user after (x) minutes of inactivity..." not actually logging out users

On my network when a user is auto-logged-out, this feature seems to just activate fast-user-switching, Is that what it is supposed to do? I am talking about the setting, as seen below in El Capitain,...
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Wrap workspace switching?

Is there a setting that would allow me to wrap workspace switching? For example, what would I have to do to make it so that if I kept switching left I would eventually end up where I started. I'm ...
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Command-line tool to check if current user has the desktop?

Is there a way, via the command line, to check if the current user has the desktop? That is, if I run a shell script in a window, I want to be able to tell (in the script) if the user has switched to ...
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Disable screen blur on fast user switching in Yosemite

Anyone aware of a way to customize the appearance of the screen during fast user switching? I'd like to disable the background blur to make it look more like it did in Mavericks.
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How can I stop windows from being resized on fast-user-switch?

I am on Mac OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks). I have a late 2013 MacBook Pro running in clamshell mode with an external 27 inch Apple monitor attached to it. I am logged in with two users, A and B. When I do ...
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