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A journaling filesystem for Linux

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Repartitioned 1TB APFS SSD to MSDOS 120GB for Linux. Linux installer sees wrong slice names, though cfdisk reports correctly

model: macbook pro (2016) 3.5G Intel 1TB SSD Ventura 13.5 Attempt 1) Resized a 120GB partition for Ubuntu. Big mistake, lost all data. Attempt 2) Reinstalled Ventura 13.5, partitioned 120GB for EXT4 ...
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How do i format a USB as EXT4 from Mac [duplicate]

I'm creating a small script for my java Application to run. However, there is no way that I can find to format a USB to ext4. How do I do this from the command line? I'm on macOS Ventura and want a ...
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Is it possible to format a disk as ext4 on big sur using some brew package?

I see a lot of questions asking how to mount and access ext4 file systems, which can be solved with the brew packages: macFUSE, ext4FUSE. The Question: Is there a way to format an external disk to ...
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Mount Ext4 on M1 or M1Pro or M1Max

I know this question has been asked many times. Everyone finds their own solution. I used to mount Ext4 via FUSE. But with the move to Big Sur I had to mount Ext4 using VirtualBox. But VirtualBox ...
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What filesystem to use for a 10 TB drive connected to router with DD-WRT and Mac?

I am going to connect a hard drive to my router and let the router share the drive through SMB. The purpose is to backup my computers using Time Machine. I realise that if I ever need to restore a ...
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How to mount EXT4 disk on 10.15?

Since I have osxfuse installed it would be nice if I could use it. There are a lot of (heavily) outdated articles here, saying that it is not possible. Is this still the case?
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Ext4fuse usage to see and browse the volume in Finder

I want to copy some files of my old encrypted SSD with ubuntu. I installed ext4fuse and done sudo ext4fuse /dev/disk3s1 /Volumes/Linux, although I don't know if it is the right partition number (...
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Why can't I access this Ext4 partition using FUSE?

I have installed FUSE for OS X. During installation I ticked the "compatibility layer" option. I have rebooted after installation. I have an external HDD with one NTFS partition and two Ext4 ...
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Ext4 for Linux and Fuse with OS X?

System: El-Capitan 10.11.5, Macbook Air 2013-Mid, SSD 128 GB. I would like do a new partition in my SSD. Install Ubuntu on it side-by-side with OS X. I have documents which I would like to use by both ...
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