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Exchangeable image file format (Exif) is a standard that specifies the formats for images, sound, and ancillary tags used by digital cameras and other systems handling images.

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EXIF-Metadata not managed correctly in iCloud Photos => Wrong Date & GPS Groupings

I have uploaded ca. 2500 pictures from my PC to the iCloud using interface. However, iCloud doesn't seem to be using the EXIF-Metadata in the picture files. I have confirmed the EXIF-...
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Programmatically importing pictures to Apple Photos and modifying Exif data

[I was suggested to post this here instead of StackOverflow. ] How do I programmatically import picture files to Apple's Photos app? The reason for this is that I have 20,000 old pictures. Most are ...
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Two copies of the same image, with different sizes

I have two copies of the same image (jpeg). One is 4.0 MB the other 5.9 MB. I have run exiftool -a -G1 -s and the only difference reported is the size. I used hexdump to compare them and they ...
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iOS Photos app displays incorrect time for imported pictures

I have photos, that I make with my camera in travel, imported to iCloud. All the pictures have a timestamp in EXIF properties in local time of the place I took them (GMT+2). Also, they have GPS ...
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Simplest way to edit EXIF ImageDescription or IPTC Caption-Abstract?

On Windows 10 (don't know about earlier versions), all you have to do is click on the image file in Windows Explorer and then edit the file details. The updated caption is written directly to the file....
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Set the date in Camera Roll to the value from EXIF

When I import photos directly from my Sony a7 camera they are saved in the Camera Roll with the date/time of the import. The correct date/time is still preserved in the EXIF within the image, but I ...
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"Private" data in ID3 tags created by Music deleted 21 or more audio files in an unexpected way.  Some of those files have "Private" ID3 data which exiftool says has an “Invalid ID3 frame size.”  Some of the files with the ...
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Do iPhone photos contain any author, copyright or device-name metadata?

I'm writing some scripts to organise my photos and I would like to sort out the photos I took myself from the mix of photos that are on my iPhone. For example, sometimes I get sent photos via AirDrop ...
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