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Embedded SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) or eSIM. A technology that allows for the use of carrier subscriber identity to be encoded directly onto the device and negates the need for a physical SIM card.

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How can I really remove an eSIM card from my iPhone 12 mini?

I have an iPhone 12 mini running iOS 15. It uses an eSIM card. I would like to use that eSIM card on another phone. On the iPhone 12, I sent to Settings -> Cellular -> Remove Cellular Plan. ...
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How to prevent SIM (not eSIM) from getting signal? [duplicate]

I want my SIM to utilize Wifi calling using the internet eSIM provides. I tried changing "network selection" from auto to specific options. It works only sometimes to get no signal
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How to force SIM to use Wifi calling using the internet provided by eSIM?

For internet, I have eSIM, no wifi. For calls/texts, I have SIM, which has no internet. I want SIM to use wifi calling using the internet eSIM provides. I tried selecting networks manually to choose ...
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How to switch phone line when clicking on a phone number link?

I'm using an iPhone 14 with iOS 16.5 and two SIM cards. When calling someone from Contacts I can select which line to choose to call him. When dialing a phone number in the Phone app I can also select ...
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30-day iMessage grace period with eSIM?

When traveling, it’s helpful to use a temporary local SIM card to increase coverage and reduce cost. Swapping your physical SIM with a new one gives you seamless access to apps that rely on data (e.g. ...
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Iphone 14 in Hungary - Budapest comes with physical sim or e-sim only? [duplicate]

Iphone 14 in Hungary-Budapest comes with physical sim or e-sim only ? As I want to buy one
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will iPhone 14 have the physical SIM slot in europe?

I live in Italy and i want to buy an iPhone 14 Pro when it comes out, but I don`t know if for the European iPhone models there will be the physical SIM slot as they announced that in the US the iPhone ...
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Switching sim card (iPhone X)

My son lost his phone, unfortunately, so I am going to order his new one next week. My question is: if I allow him to put a new sim card in my phone what will happen if someone tries to call me on my ...
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Iphone SE 2 : Dual SIM - Calling back from Secondary SIM (Incoming call received in Primary SIM)

Dual sim iphone calling primary call from secondary SIM I have a Iphone SE 2 with (Primary - Physical SIM and Secondary - eSIM). When I try calling back the Missed calls/Incoming calls, I'm able to ...
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What's the difference between an "eSIM" and a "Digital SIM"?

I thought that ESIM and Digital SIM were the same thing, to be distinguished from a physical SIM. However, my iPhone SE shows that I have an ESIM and a Digital SIM, and they have different IMEI ...
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iOS14: automatically turn on or off second sim

I have an iPhone 12 Pro with iOS 14.2.1 and I need to automatically turn on or off the second sim based on my working hours schedule. Is there a way to achieve so?
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Which phone number is shared by Apple Pay in a dual SIM iPhone?

When adding a card to Apple Pay, it says that your phone number may be shared with the bank who emitted your card. But in the case of a dual SIM phone which number is shared? If you have a personal ...
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Dual SIM iPhone sends silent SMS although iMessage and Facetime are turned off

I am using an iPhone 11 pro with an eSIM and a foreign SIM card. Whenever i activate the latter line, the phone sends a silent SMS ro the number, apparently to activate iMessage and Facetime. However, ...
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Is the iPhone's eSim for the home or roaming carrier?

The XR, XS iPhones feature eSIM capability. Assume that the user lives in the US and uses T-mobile. Does it make sense to use the eSIM with the home carrier or to use it with roaming carriers the ...
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Can you stop marketing messages on an iPhone X (e-sim)

On Android, to avoid the marketing popup messages from the SIM Toolkit, I need to force stop it, and everytime I reboot, I need to force stop it again. On iPhone X, with the e-sim, what happens to ...
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How to disable the physical sim and only use the eSIM on dual sim iPhones?

I'm wondering if there is a way to turn off the Physical sim and use only the eSim on my iPhone XS Max. I travel a lot and I'm loving the use of eSIM. I understand that I can turn off the eSIM if ...
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