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0 votes
2 answers

An app to doodle vector diagrams with apple pencil

I want to illustrate technical ideas with it quickly and dirty, possibly sharing over a chat screen share. NOT create document-grade formal diagrams. I tried Graffle and Affinity Designer. Didn't like ...
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0 answers

How to Split Up Drawing in Apple Notes

I have a long handwritten note in Apple Notes and would like to split it into 2 drawings and add regular text in between. I have the option to 'add space' but cannot add text in the space without a ...
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0 answers

Is there a program that draws my signature with the mouse?

So many website wants me to draw my signature with the mouse, and it's horrible. So I want a program that moves the mouse cursor and traces my signature. The program would: Ingest a JPEG of my ...
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1 answer

How to start drawing in Freeform on macOS?

I have a problem with starting drawing in Freeform on macOS Ventura. Is this even possible? I've heard that freeform will land on macOS in the last update Ventura 13.1 (22C65) and I've opened it and ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Apple Freeform app: stop geometry snapping to centre

In Freeform, if I insert geometry on top of an image, the top node snaps to the centre of the image and will not move. How can I move both the top and bottom nodes of the geometry?
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1 answer

How to stop Preview's pen from turning into a hand?

I want to draw a couple lines when annotating a PDF with Preview. But, when I get close to the first line, the tool automatically switches from a pen to a hand. For example, if I try to hand-draw the ...
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0 answers

Is there any program to draw on the screen during full screen presentations via Zoom? Device: MacBook Air

I am holding a presentation and want to write (with a Wacom graphic tablet) on the screen while presenting. My slides are created in Keynote, but I can use the exported .pdf document as well. So far I'...
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0 votes
2 answers

Can I write Latex in Notes?

I am using my iPad (with pencil) and my MacBook to write a document. I type using my Mac and draw some drawings in between texts. I want to add some Latex formulas, however, but I'm not sure how to do ...
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1 answer

What is the difference between Export as PDF and Export > Format: PDF (Preview)

Recently I drew a simple line on a blank page in Preview. I realized, that if I export the Document via File > Export as PDF, and open the exported Document, I don't have the ability to move around ...
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1 answer

Draw in Preview [duplicate]

If I want to draw something in the Preview app, then for example odd lines become straight or something that resembles a circle becomes a circle. How can I turn this feature off?
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0 answers

Blur screenshot as you take it on default screenshot app macbook pro

I recently got the 2019 MacBook Pro and one thing different from my previous Windows machine is the lack of ShareX (a screenshot utility). I like to take screenshots and not have them saved locally to ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Freehand Preview Pen Missing

Freehand Preview Pen Missing Context: Essentially preview has two pens - the shape pen, if you will, one which has automatic shape detection and will smooth out your shapes and lines after you draw ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What apps allow me to draw on an iPad and sync it with a Mac?

I am wondering whether there is an app that allows me to draw on an iPad and sync it with a Mac. I think doing so is helpful because I can switch between PowerPoint slides and the canvas and do some ...
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1 answer

Ipad 10.2 screen has deeper color than my other hardware

I've just bought an iPad 10.2 with an Apple Pencil for the purpose of using it as a portable drawing tablet. After finishing two pictures on it, I can say that it has some kind of a noticeable skew ...
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1 vote
2 answers

What CAD software is depicted in this screenshot?

This screenshot (source here) apparently depicts a CAD software (German version) for macOS: What software is it?
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0 answers

PDF annotator with pen support that works well

Is there a PDF viewer for Mac that supports drawing freehand lines in a way that allows you to actually write text? The built-in Preview app almost supports it but it's completely unusable because if ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Help identify this iPad drawing app

I am trying to find a drawing app for iPad, and I came across this one being used to teach courses. Can anyone help identify the app?
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1 answer

Paint replacement for MacOS [duplicate]

I need an app that does the following: Allow me to paste multiple snapshots from clipboard. Also resize and move them. Draw arrows, write texts... Just what paint on windows does. I've tried Gimp ...
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19 votes
3 answers

Mac app for writing handwritten notes

I would like to prepare hand-written notes (via One by Wacom tablet) for my educational purposes, therefore I would like to have a software which has ability to create infinite long (or big enough) ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Looking for an iPad pencil compatible app with a large or infinite canvas [closed]

I tried Sketch and some other drawing apps. I’d like a bigger canvas to work with. Most seem to only be 8 1/2 by 11 or standard page size. Is there a way to expand the canvas on some of the basic ...
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2 answers

Code to Flowchart-Program for Mac OS?

I'm searching an alternative Program which can draw Flowcharts for pieces of sourcecode. I found Programs like "C/Delphi/Basic Code 2 Flowchart" or "Visustin" but they're only for Windows. Helpful ...
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13 votes
1 answer

How can I draw freehand circles on screenshots?

In Windows I can happily fire up MS Paint and draw freehand circles with the brush tool on top of my screenshots. In OS X if I open up a screenshot with Preview and use the pen-looking thing and draw ...
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0 votes
1 answer

Tool for drawing bezier lines - inspector for the length of the line

Looking for a tool what allow me: draw shapes with bezier lines the inspector shows the length of the line For example OmniGraffle allows draw a shape with bezier lines, but it doesn't show the ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Best choice for Microsoft Paint for Mac? [duplicate]

Are there any Mac apps that are very similar to Microsoft Paint besides Paintbrush and I've tried those apps but found a lot of quirkiness and am looking for something more polished and ...
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3 votes
2 answers

SmoothDraw Alternative to Make Videos like Khan Academy

I want to make educational videos like Khan Academy on my Mac. I am looking for a good app that works just like SmoothDraw -- which is what Khan Academy uses. I have found apps that let me draw on the ...
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0 votes
2 answers

Intuos creative stylus for iPad use on a MacBook Pro?

I saw the Intuos creative stylus for the iPad, and as much as I like it, I am not a fan of having to purchase a new Mac product just to use a pen that works with the iPad only... Is there a pen out ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Vector Software for Drawing and Diagramming [duplicate]

What software is available for Mac that is good for drawing cartoons and diagrams? These are some features it should have: Edit any component easily after drawing it. Easily add and edit text ...
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0 answers

What's the touch resolution (LPI) of the Magic Trackpad?

I'd like to know how the Magic Trackpad compares with Wacom tablets as far as resolution goes. The Wacom Intuos5 line has 5080 LPI, while the Bamboo line has 2540.
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iMac with aftermarket SSD - blank login screen [closed]

Here's a tough one for you. I installed an SSD in the optical drive slot of my 2009 iMac a few months ago. It's the system drive, working in conjunction with the old internal hard drive. On occasion, ...
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Application to draw "Rich Pictures"

Any software to draw "Rich Pictures" diagrams of Information Systems Analysis? I searched for a stencil for OmniGraffle but didn't find anything.
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3 votes
9 answers

Drawing glove for iPad

I'd really like to draw more on my iPad but I like to rest my hand on the screen doing so, which registers as a stroke along with the pen. I've been looking around for a proper gadget for this ...
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2 answers

iPad app where possible draw, save for reuse and drop 'objects' on canvas for prototyping and to make mockup [duplicate]

For prototyping / mockup needs, I want an iPad app where it's possible to draw, save and drop 'templates' on a canvas. Something similar to balsamiq mockups, where there is a collection of components ...
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2 answers

Is it productive to use a Stylus with the iPad?

My son loves drawing comics. He wants to do it now on my iPad 3. Does anyone have experience with using a Stylus for such an activity? Does it make sense or will it be an exercise in futility? I'...
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4 votes
1 answer

How do I draw an arrow in Acorn?

Yes, I know Acorn isn't Visio, but still let me ask the question: How can you draw an arrow with Acorn? I am talking about the kind of arrows that Skitch or Jing would draw, and that you typically ...
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125 votes
31 answers

Can anyone recommend an app for creating flowcharts and diagrams?

I'm seeking a Mac app for creating basic flowcharts and similar diagrams. Google has been no help; I've followed dozens of links to apps that either don't exist anymore, I can't find any real ...
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39 votes
13 answers

What are Mac OS X diagramming tools like Visio on Windows?

Visio is the most conspicuous example of a program that I found useful on Windows for which I have not identified a Mac-compatible equivalent. Visio's primary function is as a flowchart diagramming ...
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