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How do I make TextEdit open documents in a new window in Sonoma?

I've just got a new iMac, running Sonoma. My old iMac was running Catalina. When I open an .rtf document while another document is also open in TextEdit, it opens the second document in a new tab in ...
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How to insert any multi-page .pdf's into Word for Mac without converting it into text, or having to create individual files of each page?

On macOS Monterey, v. 12.5, MacBook Air M1, 2020, and the latest version of Word for Mac (v. 16.64 (22081401), you have two options. If your .pdf is text based, and the God's pity you, you'll have no ...
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Incorrect Document Storage Displayed in MacBook Air Running on macOS Big Sur

I am using MacBook Air 2017 with macOS Big Sur. When I check my storage in About this Mac → Storage → Manage it shows Documents taking Zero KB but actually it contains files worth 4.64 GB. I have ...
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1 answer

How do I log-out (or reset) Microsoft's RMS / AIP [Azure Information Protection] identity on a Mac for Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook?

Microsoft 365 offers a RMS / Right Management Service called Azure Information Protection which is integrated with Outlook, Word, Excel. It encrypts documents of certain files, in a nutshell. On a ...
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Revert archived files to specified locations like Downloads, Documents and Desktop

I'm working on two projects, let's call them Project1 and Project2. This week I'll be working on Project1. The files of Project1 on which I'll be working are stored at different place on my PC - ...
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1 answer

Finder: why is a *.wmv movie a "document" and not a movie? Howto correct?

See screen shot of my Finder settings all folders and movies (flv, divx, mkv and mov) are correct categorized, only *.wmv file is a document. Should be movie. Howto correct that? > ls -l@ *.wmv ...
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Changing Word 2011 Save Location Drop-Down Menu

Right now when I try to save a document the location options are simply: Documents, Pictures, Downloads, etc. and then "Recent Locations". I want to be able to browse through my documents for the ...
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5 votes
4 answers

How to upload pdf or, docs in safari or any popular browser in iOS?

I was just stunned today, when I just discovered that I cannot upload my resume either in pdf/doc while applying for a job. All I have access to is Photos, which is my photos and videos repository. ...
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Retain print spool until printer available?

I'd like to be able to add, by script and by hand, files on dropbox to the print queue and for these to be retained there until I'm at a specific printer with my Macbook Pro. As it is now, I add docs ...
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1 answer

How to highlight changes when comparing versions of a document in OS X?

I've been exploring the versions functionality of the new document model in Mac OS X 10.8. It's mostly similar to what was in Lion. In the title bar of a supported document choose "Browse all versions…...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to open a .lwp file on a Mac?

I need to fill in a form that was sent to me in .lwp format... So far: The App Store couldn't find any compatible apps; I found out it's a Lotus WordPro document; By using Word's Recover text from ...
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2 answers

None of my apps are keeping a list of recent documents?

Example: If I open an image in Preview, the "File/Open Recent" menu lists the name of the file. If I then close the file, but still leave Preview running, the "Open Recent" menu still lists the file. ...
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5 answers

Desktop Search - with more features than Spotlight?

I am looking for a 'desktop search' solution for the mac. I like the look of HoudahSpot (built on top of Spotlight) but it doesn't quite do everything I would like. My ideal search solution would do ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Adding to Mac OS X contextual menu Templates like on Linux Ubuntu

Does there exist some method to add the Create document function to the context menu? I would love a function like this with the Templates folder because I always need to create files with the same ...
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3 answers

What tool can I use to manage notes and/or bookmarks for a collection of PDF files?

I am doing some research and I do put lots of notes and bookmarks in the books (PDF files). I am looking for a tools that will allow me to see and search inside all these notes. I supposed that this ...
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