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2 answers

How to determine if my refurbished iphone 12 pro has original apple screen?

Basically what the title says. By "original", it means all the 3 layers (glass, digitizer, oled) are original. Can someone help please?
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iPhone 12 Pro showing weak sensitivity when doing “very gentle” tap/touch. What could be the issue?

I bought a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro yesterday, from a third party mobile shop. Since the first day, the screen does not recognise touch when I tap “very gently”. For example, when I am tapping any ...
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iPhone XS the display works but not the touch

I tried to turn on my iPhone XS; I succeeded but now that I have closed it again the display works but not the touch. It doesn't matter where I touch, it doesn't work. The rest of the phone works, ...
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Minimal driver installation for Wacom tablet?

I have a CTH-680 digitizer. Wacom all-in-one driver seems to install unnecessary stuff to the system. What can be removed? Or how to do a minimal installation? ├── Applications │ └── Wacom Tablet....
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iPhone SE touch recognition and battery problem

Recently, I purchased an iPhone SE, 32GB, on 13/10/2018. The manufacturing month written on the box was Aug/2018. The phone came with pre-installed iOS 11.4.1 and on the same day I updated it to iOS ...
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What is the purpose of the bottommost screw holding the IPhone 5 LCD shield plate?

While being sold bottom quality LCD replacements for my iPhone 5 and subsequently returning them six times I lost one of the screws that holds the LCD shield plate in place. It's the one closest to ...
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On an iPad 2 which is partly responsive touch, how to check if digitizer cable or rather, connector is broken?

My left side (around 15% towards the edge) of iPad 2 has become unresponsive to touch, after I replaced with the wifi antenna. I checked the digitizer connector cable and it fits ok in the connector ...
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2 votes
1 answer

iPhone 5c Digitizer or logic board damage

My wife dropped her phone on Sunday... I don't want to replace the screen if it's the logic board and nothing can be done to recover her data. A beautiful picture: If this were the 1970's her phone ...
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2 answers

Can iPhone 4S' digitizer be fixed?

My iPhone has broken LCD glass, LCD is working from inside but I think the digitizer is broken. I have visited many blogs and websites and most of them described to replace all the screen with LCD ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Is it possible to buy a replacement iPad screen of the same quality as Apple's?

I've found a few companies that offer replacement iPad digitizers (the digitizer is the glass/touch screen part of your iPad), but I'm worried that they might be different to the official one. Having ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can the iPhone screen's digitizer be safely separated from the glass?

I recently broke my iPhone 3G screen. I've had it replaced, and I still have the broken screen. Seems like the digitizer on that screen is fine and could be reused. I would like to separate the ...
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2 votes
2 answers

New digitizer stopped working after 30 seconds [closed]

I plugged a brand new digitizer into my 2g iPod touch and I wanted to test it before I clip it in. It worked great at first and I managed to click with it for about 30 seconds, while not moving the ...
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3 answers

iPhone 3G screen partially broken

I have an iPhone 3G which had a cracked screen. I replaced the digitizer last November and this morning the left third of it stopped responding to touch. What can I do to fix it?
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2 answers

iPod 2nd Gen Replacement digitizer not working

So I just ordered a new digitizer and middle frame for my 2nd Gen iPod Touch, wired everything up, and the digitizer is not recognizing any finger swipes. I have not snapped the frame into place yet ...
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