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Using programs and commands that do not have a graphical user interface (GUI) but are rather controlled by typing text commands into a terminal program, or shell.

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How can I set Spotlight metadata to files?

I am looking for a command line utility (I need to use it in a script) that can set Spotlight metadata to files.
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How to run Wireshark in the background without the GUI?

I am trying to run Wireshark on Mac OS X in the background. I installed the command line utilities, and so I am able to start Wireshark and capture packets using the command line. The only thing I ...
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Is it possible to run Nautilus on OS X?

Is it possible to run Nautilus instead of Finder on Mac OS X Snow Leopard? How?
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Group running apps in OS X?

Since I'm working on several projects that require different resources (shells, files, Chrome windows, etc.), I'd like to organize them better. Is there a Mac utility or something that will allow me ...
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Running .NET binary with mono

When I have abc.exe generated from C#/Mono source, I use 'mono abc.exe'. Is there a way to run abc.exe with 'abc.exe' not 'mono abc.exe'? I mean, when I run 'abc.exe', can I make 'mono abc.exe' ...
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Drag & Drop vs mv - Any difference?

Is there a difference between bulk-moving files with Drag & Drop vs mv? Use case: Volume External_Drive_A has about 8000 files totalling 9GB. External_Drive_B has 74GB of free space. The desired ...
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Terminal issue with export PS1=""

So I tried to change the output of my terminal prompt but when I try something like /W it just puts the /W not the path. For example export PS1="/W $ "turns my prompt into "/W $"
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Can user accounts be managed via the command line?

Is there any way to add, remove, or modify user accounts via the command line? I'm not talking about an account for a system process or daemon, I mean is there any way to add a user account, change, ...
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Is there a Mac OS X Terminal version of the "free" command in Linux systems?

On Linux, I often use the free command to see the current amount of free and used memory in the system. For example: $ free total used free shared buffers cached ...
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Is there console mode in Mac OS X?

Is there something like Linux console in Mac OS X? Like "terminal", but without running graphics environment.
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Remember desktop state after reboot

Does anyone know if desktop switching can be done programatically? Exposé activation and deactivation? I know of the screencapture command for the last part of my proposed solution. I would like to ...
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