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Using programs and commands that do not have a graphical user interface (GUI) but are rather controlled by typing text commands into a terminal program, or shell.

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How can I trigger a Notification Center notification from an AppleScript or shell script?

I'd love to be able to take advantage of 10.8's Notification Center features in AppleScripts and shell scripts I write. Is there a built-in command or a third-party library I can use from either an ...
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Can I get the CPU temperature and fan speed from the command line in OS X?

Is there a command I can run from the command line in OS X to get the current CPU temperature and/or the fan speed(s)? To be more specific, I'd like to be able to get the same info available in the ...
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Terminal returns not found for most commands Mac OSX

I'm really new to Mac OSX and UNIX based systems. I wanted to run a few Windows games on my Mac Mini so I started installing Wine and MacPorts. I think the installs are correct, but when I type sudo ...
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How can I change a file or folder icon using the Terminal

How can I change or set the icon for a file or folder, in the terminal, do I need to use a scripting language?
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How do I uninstall the command line tools for Xcode?

We have a bunch of Mac at work that no longer require Xcode or command line tools so we'd like to remove them so the compilers aren't hanging around and we don't have to keep updating them when ...
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Why doesn't Mac OS X source ~/.bashrc? [duplicate]

I found a lot of people figuring out why instruction similar to this : Put X to your ~/.bashrc and you can do Y don't work. It always turns out that Mac OS X's bash's startup files (or Mac's Bash ...
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Lock Screen Command One-Liner

I'm trying to find out whether there is any kind of equivalent command line one-liner which replicates the exact identical functionality of the 'Lock Screen' menu option available via the Keychain app ...
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How to get BSD FTP and Telnet back in 10.13 (High Sierra)?

There are some real problems with not having ftp and telnet present in 10.13 now as per Apple's dictate. Has anyone found a solid way to bring BSD ftp and telnet back to macOS vs using inetutils?
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Can running `yes > /dev/null` harm a Mac?

I recently ran yes > /dev/null for a 3 minutes to drain my Mac's battery. During that time, the temperature rose to 72 °C and fans spun up to 4000 RPM. I immediately quit the process. Should I ...
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192 votes
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Suppressing "The default interactive shell is now zsh" message in macOS Catalina

I know Catalina uses zsh as the default login shell and interactive shell, but it is very annoying when I open or run command with /bin/bash, it shows verbose message like below: $ /bin/bash ...
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Update bash to version 4.0 on OSX

Is it possible to actually update bash to version 4.0 in OSX Yosemite? echo $BASH_VERSION 3.2.57(1)-release This article and this thread refer to the same question, but they install a new shell side-...
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11 answers

How do I speed up new Terminal tab loading time?

How can i speed up the terminal startup in Lion? I'm not referring to the startup of the Terminal application, but to the startup terminal windows, like when i open a new tab. I don't have anything ...
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Is there a command to install a dmg

I want to install a dmg file on a remote server. All I have is an ssh access. Since a DMG is a disk image, I tried to mount it, but mount does not seem to recognize its format. file says my dmg file ...
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My Automator Workflow fails because it fails to find the git command within the 'Run Shell Script' command? Need help

I have an Automator workflow and one of the actions is to clone a repository. Here's the code for the 'Run Shell Script' action. The command is run within the Bash shell /bin/bash if that matters: ...
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Is there console mode in Mac OS X?

Is there something like Linux console in Mac OS X? Like "terminal", but without running graphics environment.
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Is there a script I can use to download the Mojave installer without being signed in to the App Store?

Is there a way to script and download the Mojave installer without signing in to the App Store? Something other than opening or clicking a url that points to the installer on the Mac App Store would ...
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Why doesn't .bashrc run automatically?

I put some alias commands in my .bashrc file, so that they might be loaded everytime I open a new Terminal window. Yet this doesn't happen. I have to select run script: in the Terminal>Preferences&...
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How to move files to trash from command line?

I do a lot of terminal work, and today had the experience of typing rm fileInQuestion.txt Before finding out that I did actually need fileInQuestion.txt. If I'd deleted in the GUI then I would have ...
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Where should I store command line applications?

When I download command line applications they are located in my ~/Downloads/ directory. But I feel this is wrong place to have a command line application located. Where in the Mac OS X filesystem ...
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How to control Bluetooth wireless radio from the command line?

This question is almost the same as my previous question, but with one major difference; I want to turn on/off Bluetooth from the command line (bash or similar), NOT from AppleScript - the answers for ...
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What steps are needed to create a new user from the command line?

What commands (or script) can create a fully functional user account on Mountain Lion, running only from the command line via terminal or ssh. It looks like an existing pair of answers might work, ...
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2 answers

Run AppleScript from bash script

If I wanted to run an AppleScript from within a bash script I could call a file with the list of commands that I require to execute. #!/bin/bash {some commands} osascript file.scpt {other commands} ...
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52 votes
7 answers

How to always show menubar with fullscreen apps?

Does anyone know if it is possible to keep the menubar in Mac OS Lion visible for fullscreen apps instead of hidden until hovered over with a mouse or trackpad? I imagine there's some Terminal ...
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How do I take a steathy picture with my iSight camera from the command line?

Is there a command line utility that allows me to take a picture from the built in camera? Something like screencapture allows for, well, screen captures. The reasoning for a command line tool is I ...
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Change file association in terminal?

Is there a method for associating file types with applications via terminal? I thought ~/Library/Preferences/ might do it, and I also have seen: Why is a command line ...
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11 answers

Removing uninstalled Command Line Tools from AppStore updates

I have deleted the Xcode Command Line Tools from my machine by essentially removing the folder. However, AppStore still shows updates from the CLI tools, which obviously I don't want. I've been ...
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17 votes
2 answers

Can user accounts be managed via the command line?

Is there any way to add, remove, or modify user accounts via the command line? I'm not talking about an account for a system process or daemon, I mean is there any way to add a user account, change, ...
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How do I create a static permanent ifconfig alias?

How do I get this ifconfig loopback alias change to persist after a restart? $ sudo ifconfig lo0 alias $ ifconfig lo0: flags=8049<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 16384 ...
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How to dump the content of keychain from the shell?

I'm testing the following command-line in the Terminal: sudo security dump-keychain -d login.keychain which I'd like to use to save all my passwords into a file. However when I run it, it keep ...
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iTerm - going one word backwards and forwards

Would it be possible to configure iTerm 2 to go backwards and forwards one word through the curent text in the command line using a keyboard shortcut?
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3 answers

How to open files in another app via Terminal on macOS?

I want to open videos and pictures from my command line shell. Is there a way terminal app can do this?
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70 votes
8 answers

How can I install the Command Line Tools completely from the command line?

I'd like to script the installation of the Xcode Command Line Tools. On Mavericks, xcode-select --install will open a dialog prompting the user to install, but I'd like to trigger the install without ...
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5 answers

Check the battery level of connected bluetooth headphones from the command line

I am trying to check the battery level of my wireless headphones from the command line. I came across a few discussions, and it seems all I need to do is enter the following: ioreg -c 'deviceName' |...
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Is there a way via the command line to cause .icloud files to download?

Under iCloud in the Settings app, I have "Optimize Mac Storage" checked and "Desktop & Documents Folders" checked under "Apps that store documents and data in iCloud will appear here:" This will ...
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How to programatically add folder to Spotlight "do not index"?

Is there any way to programmatically add a folder to Spotlight's "Privacy" tab? Either through Terminal or Applescript? Often I want to click on an item in Spotlight results in Finder, and have that ...
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9 answers

How to enable/disable Do Not Disturb from shell on Mavericks?

I would like to toggle the Do Not Disturb in the notification center with a keyboard shortcut. I am using BetterTouchTool for some extra keyboard shortcuts but it does not support enabling/disabling ...
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7 answers

Monitor a folder for changes, and run a command when a change is detected

Is there a simple way to automatically run a (Terminal) command every time a file is changed in a specific folder? This should be possible via the command line, or a system built-in application, no ...
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2 answers

Amending PATH so that /usr/local/bin is ahead of /usr/bin

I'm trying to install brew but get the following warning: Warning: /usr/bin occurs before /usr/local/bin This means that system-provided programs will be used instead of those provided by Homebrew. ...
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Create new partition in unallocated space with diskutil

I have deleted the first partition on my external HD such that it now has 100GB of free space at the beginning of the partition. I'd like to reclaim that space, but Disk Utility doesn't let me create ...
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How can I force command-line arguments to a program shortcut in the dock?

I have Chrome installed in Applications, and a shortcut to it in the Dock. How can I achieve to force some command-line arguments to each start-up of this app? Let me be clearer, in the Terminal, I ...
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why does OSX add extra '._<filename>' when I tar a directory?

I'd just like to know why if I "tar -czf" a file/directory, osx adds a: ._ for each file? I see these when I untar in linux. Or when I work with the uncompressed project in eclipse as it doesn't ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How do I set the creation time of a file?

I have a script that converts a file to another format, and I want the resulting file to have the same timestamps as the original, including the creation time (as shown by ls -lU). I can use touch to ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to use `tmutil delete` or another command to delete one file from all backup intervals?

I'm having problems clearing our a backup drive. I want to get rid of a couple large files so I can preserve the other incremental backups. I can't use the tmutil delete command on entire backups ...
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Is it impossible to delete/move a file named "␀" on mac?

When I try to move, rename, or delete a file named ␀in Finder, I get this error message: The operation can't be completed, because an unexpected error occured (error code -50). With mv, rm or find ...
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How to add the PATH for mysql bin on Mac?

I want to add the PATH for mysql.exe on my Mac. I tried this via terminal, but $ vi.bash_profile vi.bash_profile command not found. does not work. I tried this for generating the bash_profile to ...
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What directory comparison tools can I use on OS X?

I am looking for a tool that is able to compare directories, not only files. Also it is important to be able to call the tool from the command line. It would be great to have a free tool, but feel ...
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Password dialog appears when SSH private key permissions are set to 0600

I installed my SSH private key in ~/.ssh/id_rsa and set its permissions to 0600. When I connect to an SSH server which uses my private key in via ssh, a dialog pops up and asks me to ...
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How to send an email from command line?

How to send an email from command line or script? I want to be able to run the script programmatically by passing the receiver and the message.
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16 answers

How to retrieve current wattage info on OS X?

Is there a way to retrieve the current watt usage info on OS X Snow Leopard? I'm using mid-2010 iMac, so I'm not looking for just battery-related apps. Does OS X even monitor power usage? Do I need to ...
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How can I set the display settings using command line

I would like to configure the 'Scaled' property of my Macbook Pro display using the command line. How could I do that?
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