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Common Internet File System is an enhanced version of SMB and allows access to shared files and shared printers over a network as well as providing other services like Windows-RPC and NT domain services.

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Why can I no longer open Synology shares on Sonoma? [duplicate]

Up until I upgraded from 12.x to 14.1 yesterday, I could do the following: Open Finder Cmd+K Type in smb://IP-ADDRESS/SHARENAME Enter the name/password at the prompt, and I will be able to access ...
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Is there a smbuser file in macOS?

Is there an equivalent configuration file on macOS like the /etc/samba/smbusers file on Linux/Unix? I might be wrong, but I thought the smbusers concept was "a thing" on previous versions of ...
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SMB share deadlocks since High Sierra

Probably even since some very recent macOS update i'm experiencing quite frequent crashes of SMB connections i use which run on Windows Server 2016 on a local vmWare Fusion machine. Performance is ...
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Should we use smb or cifs to connect to a Linux NAS?

If it is a Linux NAS (WD EX2100 or EX4100), should we use smb://MyCloud or cifs://MyCloud to connect to it if for some reason, it doesn't show up at the side panel of Finder? The above line is to ...
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Cannot Connect to Windows Server Shares

For years now, I have managed a mixed-device shop, with Windows 2008/2012 servers. Typically, connections are made using smb://share_name, users authenticate, and file shares are then selected. For ...
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Connect a CIFS network drive automatically

Is there a way to connect a network server (CIFS) without asking for password and would automatically connect every time computer boots up? The situation is, the computer need to first connect its ...
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