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CardDav is an address book protocol used to access and share contact information on a server between users.

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Outlook for Mac CardDAV and CalDAV

I'm looking for sync plugins for current Outlook for Mac to make it talk to CardDAV and CalDAV servers. So far I only found plugins for Windows. Any hints?
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OS X 10.11 CardDAV with self-signed certificate

The CardDAV server I'm trying to connect to uses a self-signed certificate. Unfortunately I cannot do anything about it. In previous OS X versions, when connecting to this server the system asked if ...
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El Capitan: After upgrade Mac won't connect to CardDAV-server

I run my own CalDAV/CardDAV-server to synchronize all my calendar events and contacts across my devices. Everything was working fine until I upgraded to El Capitan a few days ago. Now Addressbook can'...
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How to disable Address Book Server in Mac OS X?

I have a huge error.log file in /private/var/log/carddavd folder. I found out that the Address Book Server creates logs in this folder. Can anyone suggest me a way to disable the Address Book Server ...
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Contacts sync via CardDav misses some

I recently set up a CardDav account on my iPhone 4S which is running iOS 6.01. It synced with my GMail account just fine, however, the Contacts app only shows those that are within the My Contacts ...
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Can I use Google's new CardDAV-based contacts sync to sync between my Exchange contacts and Google contacts on my iPhone?

I want my Google contacts and my Exchange contacts to sync through my iPhone as follows: Google contacts <--> iPhone <--> Exchange contacts and I was looking at Google's CardDAV sync as a way ...
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CardDav / CalDav not syncing existing entries

I set up both CalDav and CardDav on my iPhone 4S using iOS 6. It does sync new entries both ways but it fails to sync any of the existing ones. Google search queries did not shed any light on this ...
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Can I use Google CardDAV sync on my Mac?

Is it possible for me to use Google's excellent CardDAV contact sync service on my OS X (10.8) computer? It works very well on iOS, but the same settings do not work on a computer.
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iPhone/Google contacts switched from Exchange to CardDAV but one way sync only

Having read the answers to Is it better for iOS to sync Gmail contacts using Exchange ActiveSync or the CardDAV protocol?, I switched off Contacts on the Exchange account, and set up CardDAV following ...
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Is it possible to sync my Gmail contacts with my Google Apps account?

I have had a Gmail account for as many years as they've been available, but recently I've moved to use my own domain name with Google Apps. So now I have a Gmail account and a Google Apps account. ...
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