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Apple software often comes with a Build Version that is more detailed than the numbers alone. For example, OS X Yosemite shipped as 10.10 Build 14A389.

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No builds available for individual testers in testFlight

I have uploaded the first build of my react-native app to AppStore connect testFlight. The invitations to App Store Connect Users are sent and they have received the email. But the individual testers ...
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Find the exact Build Number of a specific Mac OS X update from the command line

How do I find the System Build Number or I guess it is called just the Build Number (example 18A391 or 18G87 or 18G5033 or etc. etc.) for a specific Mac OS X updates? Not upgrade, just the regular ...
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How common is it for iPhone users to NOT be running iOS 10+?

I'm building an app in which I want to use a module that works only for iPhones with iOS 10 and above. I know I can never assume that everyone is using a given version, but I just wanted some insight ...
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Is there a way to see System Information before first user is added?

I have a Mac that someone asks me to help them sell. They already wiped the hard drive and put a fresh installation of macOS on it. Upon boot, it's at the "Welcome" setup with no users intialized yet....
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What's the structure behind Apple version numbers / build numbers?

macOS Sierra 10.12.3 is 16D32, but the SDK is 16C58 according to my Xcode. iOS 10.3 beta is 14E5239e. Xcode 8.2 is 8C38. You know how they look, and they are shared among all Apple software. But ...
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How can I update to macOS 10.12.1 (16B2657)?

I'm trying to develop apps that use the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar. On Apple Developer's documentation, it states that at least Build 16B2657 is required. To develop apps that use the Touch Bar, ...
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'Build' is not displayed in iTunes Connect using Xcode 8

I also get the same problem while uploading my build to the app store via Xcode 8. After uploading successfully from Xcode, I login to iTunes connect and see that it shows as Processing. After a ...
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How to identify build number of a macOS installer?

Today I read: Apple today released an updated golden master (GM) version of macOS Sierra to developers… The new GM seed is build 16A323, while the build released last week was 16A320. After ...
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How Do I know which Version of Beta OS X I'm Running?

How do I know which Beta Version of OS X I'm running? When I check About this Mac it shows me that the name of the OS version is OS X El Capitan, the version if 10.11 and a beta, and it shows me the ...
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Mac package installer installs the folder "Contents" in /Applications instead of the bundle

When I try to use packaging with my .app to create a Mac installer, and I run the installer, it creates me a folder named "Contents" in my /Applications folder, instead the "bundle app" as it should. ...
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How to get OSX Yosemite outside the Mac App Store

I have the following scenario. At work I run an Ubuntu PC machine with fast connection. At home I have a Mac without any kind of outside connection (offline) My question is how do I get the OSX ...
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Upgrade to final release of Yosemite from gold master?

I'm using developer preview of Yosemite for a while, now that Yosemite is released I want to have it installed on top of my Yosemite partition. Clicking on "Download" in App Store Yosemite page, I ...
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Do I need to upgrade from Mavericks GM

Although the GM should be identical to the final version, I am concerned about not being able to log into my computer in the future because of an expired developer/trial period. The App Store ...
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Restore from "iOS7 backup" to an iOS6 phone [duplicate]

A friend upgraded my device to iOS7. It didn't work properly so I downgraded it a few days later to iOS6. I have backups both in iCloud and on OS X (iTunes). When I try to restore either I get a ...
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Can't boot from Snow Leopard DVD

I bought a new hard drive for my 2011 MacBook Pro and did the following steps: Backup using Time Machine Replaced the hard drive Put in a Snow Leopard DVD (10.6 from ~2009) Booted holding down the c ...
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Can't update iPhone to a specific version : "iphone could not be restored device isn't eligible for the requested build"

Have iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1 Trying to update to 6.1.2 (not the latest) via downloaded IPSW but unfortunately getting error: iphone could not be restored device isn't eligible for the requested ...
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Where to find the build number INSIDE an install DVD of Mac OS X

It's not written on the DVD itself and I don't have the DVD sleeve anymore.
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What is the URL structure of iOS delta updates?

The over-the-air updates on iOS must come from some server similar to where the ipsw files are stored, does anyone know where?
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Moving from Lion to Snow Leopard

So it turns out that I am not the greatest fan of Lion after all. Is there a way I can downgrade from the Lion OS to the Snow Leopard OS if I bought my laptop in mid 2011? There are plenty of sites (...
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What is build number of the OS X Lion version released on the app store July 20th 2011?

Can someone tell me what is build number of the Lion version released on the app store July 20th 2011?
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