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an optical disc format that contains 25 GB of data per layer. It also comes in double (50 GB), triple (100 GB), and quadruple layers (128 GB)

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libaacs for Apple Silicon

I have the key.cfg file installed but the libaacs dynamic library appears to not be working. I'm assuming this is because it is Intel and not ARM. I got the file here: https://vlc-bluray.whoknowsmy....
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What program is reading my CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive in my external drive?

I have two external USB optical drives, both burners, one that will work with DVDs and CDs, the other that will also handle BDs (Blu-ray Discs). I use these sometimes with MakeMKV. Recently I had an ...
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Can Blu-ray discs be played from a Mac if you aren't using HDMI?

I'm using a Dell Ultrasharp monitor connected using Display Port (it doesn't have HDMI, it does have DVI and VGA). It's connected to a Mac Mini using the thunderbolt connector. (Note the Mac Mini does ...
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How do I prevent a crash when interacting with Blu-Ray videos?

I have a new M1 Pro Mac and I installed ffmpeg using brew. I also have a Blu-Ray ISO (contains .m2ts files) on standby to be converted to .mkv. Previously on a Intel mac, I used this command and it ...
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Decode MGVC blu-ray

I downloaded iso of Studio Ghibli animation blu-ray. It contains a "KDM" folder (60 GB, while the m2ts files combined is 30GB), which indicates that it's a MGVC blu-ray disk. It's alleged ...
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What is the best/fastest way to rip and convert a Blu-ray Disc on an iMac?

I've recently switched (back) from Windows 10 to macOS running on an iMac 27-inch Retina late 2015. While I still used my Windows 10 laptop, I used a program called DVDFab to rip my collection of Blu-...
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UHD Blu-ray playback on iMac 5K 2017?

I recently saw that there are already UHD 4K Blu-ray drives (with SATA) available, like this one from Pioneer which should (combined with appropriate USB housing) make mounting the disks in macOS ...
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OS X Blu-ray support to read / write BD-R discs for data storage

What I'm looking to achieve is to write (and read) data files on BD-R discs for storage / backup / archive purposes, just like one can do with CD and DVD discs. For clarity, I am not interested in ...
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Finder error -36 when copying from data Blu-ray to HD

I've been having a re-occurring problem reading data from self-burnt data Blu-ray discs. I'll try to copy the contents of a disc to an external HD and nearly every time, at some point during the copy, ...
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Can I play Blu-ray discs directly on a MacBook using an external drive? [duplicate]

Is is possible to use an external drive to play Blu-ray discs on a MacBook? It has a Core2Duo processor and 9400m graphics. does it need any software, either paid or free?
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Can I play DVDs from a DVD player on an Apple Cinema Display 23-Inch (Aluminum)?

I've seen a good price on a refurbished Apple Cinema Display, the 23-inch Aluminium version that was sold between 2004 and 2008. Everymac says this display has a DVI port. Will I be able to connect ...
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Is it possible to play a Blu-ray Disc on iMac? [duplicate]

There is no any drive with my iMac and I know apple doesn't have program that could play Blu-ray until now, so can anyone give me some ideas about how can I make my iMac play Blu-ray disc movies?
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How to fix drag&drop copy onto optical media

So I got a DVD-RAM and a BD-RE both formatted with UDF, packet-writeable (I think packet writing is the wrong descriptor here as a DVD-RAM is randomly addressable but it's pretty close). At least the ...
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Is it possible to convert Blurays to my iPad?

Following on from my previous question, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a new iPad, so technically capable of displaying HD movies. And I own plenty of Bluray discs. So I was ...
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Mac support for Blu-Ray

I would like to buy an external Blu-Ray drive. I have a specific model in mind (the LG CP40NG10), but I'm open to suggestions if anybody has a different one they recommend. The documentation says ...
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Which internal Blu-ray drives are compatible with a unibody Macbook Pro?

Dimensions The (unoffical) dimensions which I found are: 9.5mm slot load Software There is free Blu-ray player software available for the Mac and Toast Titanium 11 is able to burn Blu-ray discs. As ...
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How can I play Blu Ray discs with my MacBook?

I'd like to buy a Macbook Pro 15 inch instead of a Dell, and I know I can send video to the HDMI TV using the Moshi adapter. My MacBook doesn't have a drive for Blu Ray discs. Is there a way to solve ...
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