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Questions tagged [billing]

for questions about billing methods used by Apple (related to the App Store and iTunes) and how to change them.

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How to change the country/region in program?

Today, I was enrolling my ID for 1 year, by 99 USD. The region of my ID is currently set as US. That's why it's showing billing information as a format of US. But I want to purchase ...
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How to upgrade macOS when it asks me to approve my billing info?

I have a mid 2012 macbook pro. I just wiped my mac HD and reinstalled macOS 10.8 mountain lion. Now I am trying to upgrade from mountain lion to high sierra. When I click the get button for high ...
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Need a way to monitor device data usage for 5 devices

We are a small business and provide Iphones to some of our employees with the understanding that the business will pay for all the data consumed by specific apps. Is there a centralized management ...
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