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Application software. Applications, or apps, for short, is software that runs on the computer.

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Best app to switch between all open windows

After 4 years of being a Mac user, there is only one thing that I still miss from the Windows world, and that is being able to switch with a single keystroke between all open windows in the computer. ...
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Is it possible to delete the "useless" apps pre-installed on my Mac?

There are some preinstalled apps that came with my laptop that I know I wil never ever use. Apps like "Notes", "Stickies", "Game Center", etc.. that were preinstalled in my Macbook Pro are apps that ...
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How do I download an iOS App (IPA) file to my Mac after iTunes 12.7 update?

Now that Apple has removed the ability to access the iOS App Store in iTunes 12.7 on Mac/Windows (See MacRumors article), I can't find any way to download an IPA file from the App Store. As a note, I'...
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Prevent Photos app on OSX from launching when plugging in device

The Photos app opens whenever I plug in my phone. How can this be prevented? I have seen many solutions for the old iPhoto app that involve changing the "Connecting camera opens" option, but the ...
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Disabled mac os SIP but still can't delete default apps

I'm using mac os 11.2.1 Big Sur. My question concerns using the Terminal utility to delete Apple default apps protected by SIP. I have disabled System Integrity Protection and confirmed that it is off ...
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App crashes, dock icon remains, can't reboot, yet no process in ps aux to kill

I've been encountering an extremely annoying problem since I upgraded to Yosemite. FCPX (but I've been having reports of this problem on other computers with and sometimes will ...
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Is there a way to hide certain apps from the cmd+tab menu?

Is there a way to hide certain apps from cmd+tab? The problem I'm facing is that I have some apps (like iTunes and of course Finder) always open. But when I'm working and switching between apps that ...
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How can I open a .pkg file manually?

Some applications come in .pkg files, and ask for you administrator password, even if all they do is copy the binary to /Applications. I like to have my applications in ~/Applications, and I do not ...
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Where should I store command line applications?

When I download command line applications they are located in my ~/Downloads/ directory. But I feel this is wrong place to have a command line application located. Where in the Mac OS X filesystem ...
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Is there a way to password protect individual apps?

Is it possible to password protect a specific Mac application? For example, I am interested in protecting Mail because even if you cannot retrieve new emails, you still can read all the already ...
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Icons remains the same after I have changed the default program for opening the file

I have just uninstalled a program from my new mac. The program was making itself default to open all .r files. I installed a new program, and I maked it default for opening .r files, but the old icon ...
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3 answers

How do I backup and restore my IPA app backups in iTunes 12.7?

Today, Apple released iTunes 12.7. Surprisingly for a point-release this version removes the iOS App Store and iOS app management features:
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2 answers

Having 2 Application folders in macOS Catalina

I just installed Macos Catalina. After the update I did a check on what's new and I found something new which is a double / redundant "Applications" folder. Usually the old Application folder is ...
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Can't update Xcode

I am aware there are more questions with the same title, but I couldn't find any other post with this specific case. I have Xcode 7.0 and I want to update to the last version (7.3). But it doesn't ...
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How to make a Mac OS X .app with a shell script?

I tried following a few tutorials, but I get this: How can I fix this? I added in a info.plist (I just copied and pasted another app's file, and changed around a few things.) Also, I used chmod +x ...
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Mac App Store update stuck (Installing - Calculating...)

I opened GarageBand for the first time, to find that most of the loops required me to download the Apple Loops from Software Update. I agreed to this. The App Store opened and gave me the option to ...
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How to launch a GUI application in another user's graphical session?

I'm trying to figure out how to launch a GUI application as another user that's logged in interactively, in that user's graphical session. For example, say I have two users, foo and bar. Both are ...
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Many OS X app store apps are listed as "app" is damaged and can't be opened

Without having changed anything, I now get this message when I try to open the app "Breeze" - Other apps fail similarly on other Macs: I tried to get rid of this message by re-installing it from the ...
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iPhone Apps in Waiting mode for the last 4 days

I tried to download the "Dictionary Free" app from the App Store four days ago, but it's been stuck in "Waiting" ever since. I've tried everything: rebooting the phone, restoring from an iTunes backup,...
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Can I develop iPhone apps in Windows?

I would like to develop iPhone apps without using Mac OS X. Is it possible to do this on Windows OS?
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How do I move a window whose title bar is off-screen?

I encountered a strange problem today. I downloaded FileZilla and on first launch the title bar was above my mouse pointer's reach. Making the window unmovable. Here is a screenshot of my situation. ...
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How can I reinstall an application that the Mac App Store thinks is installed already?

I'm the developer of an application that is currently on the Mac App Store. I'm trying to download my own application so that I can test out the binary that is on the store. (As opposed to running it ...
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2 answers

Is there a sandboxing program like Sandboxie for Mac?

With Sandboxie for Windows, you are able to run applications that you don't entirely trust in a sandbox; it tracks all files the program creates and modifies, and although the files technically go to ...
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Apps Icons not appearing

Some of my Apps Icons are changing to a generic app icon, and I have no idea why. Tried to restart the system and nothing. 3 days ago i updated my Skype and then the icon is gone.
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2 answers

how to avoid the "downloaded application" warning for a Standard User

This is a followup on this post of mine: Application permissions for Standard user I'm now running MacOS High Sierra 10.13.5 and this problem is still irritating. I use my Mac as a Standard user. ...
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How to set up a default program opening an unknown file extension?

I tried to open a file with an extension name of adb in Finder (to be precise, PathFinder). When I clicked the file, vi editor is activated to open the adb file. I didn't do anything with the adb file,...
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App Store is stuck in a loop trying to download a free app -- how do I make it stop?

My App Store keeps saying this item is free in the store, that this item will be added to your purchases and it then says cancel or download. I click download and it won't download and keeps popping ...
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Limit application launching to boot disk only

Does anyone know of a way to restrict macOS (High Sierra) to only launch apps stored on the boot drive? I have several alternate bootable drives on my system (different OS versions, bootable backups ...
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How to disable command-Q for Quit?

Is there any way to disable command+Q for quitting apps? I tried adding this menuitem to the "Keyboard Shortcuts" preference pane (as suggested here), and remapping it to command+option+Q (slightly ...
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Is there a way to detect what program is stealing focus on my Mac?

I've got a problem with some app on my Mac stealing the keyboard focus (the current window's title bar becomes inactive). However, it is not actually putting up any windows or menu bar of its own, and ...
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Can I globally change the cmd-Q shortcut to require holding for two seconds, like the option in Chrome?

Many, many times, I accidentally press ⌘+Q when I meant to close a tab or window, or switch applications. When I saw the option in Google Chrome to require the shortcut to be held, I was overjoyed. ...
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How can I open a single app by an unidentified developer without allowing all

I know to secure safety it is now not allowed anymore to open apps that were not downloaded from the mac app store. But surely there is a workaround for this to open an app that you know is 'good' ...
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How to permanently put TextEdit in the Open with... menu list?

I'm a developer and often dealing with unusual file types. If I want to open one of these files in TextEdit, I have to start it first and then open the file with it, or drag the file to the TextEdit ...
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Re-downloading apps purchased in a different country?

I lived in Canada for several years, but now I live in Norway (again). In Canada, I have purchased many apps on both the iOS and Mac OS X app stores. Some of these apps I have uninstalled over the ...
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How to set default application for special link types (e.g., ssh://)?

Some applications will signal to the OS that they can open special link type, such as ssh:// or github-mac://. They get automatically opened for such links by the web browser (or when using open in a ...
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Does deleting Mac App Store apps in Launchpad delete related files in the Library folders too?

When I delete Mac App Store apps in Launchpad, does it delete related files in the Library folders too? I mean files like preferences, application support files etc.
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App Store forcing me to pay twice for the same app but on different devices

I bought a paid app on my iMac, and a few months later tried to download it on my iPhone but it’s forcing me to pay again for it. I thought the App Store linked purchases on multiple devices?
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How to prevent app from auto starting

I know there are Login Items under Users & Groups and /Library/LaunchAgents and /Library/LaunchDaemons under Library, System/Library and Users/FooUser/Library. And then there's right click on Dock ...
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How to completely delete and app from iphone (including all the data and history)

So this problem particularly emerged with the Tinder app. I was using Tinder with a user account (A) and one day I logged out and created a new user account (B) which I never succeeded to activate due ...
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3 answers

Can I delete any of the default apps the come with OS X? [duplicate]

Is it possible to delete any of the default apps in OS X? I suppose it is possible, but will anything break if I do? There's some, such as Stickies, iChat, Dictionary, etc. that I either have no use ...
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4 answers

How to make a command line executable an application?

I have a command line executable (specifically JMeter), which opens a GUI application when launched from the terminal. However, I would like to create a link to it that would wrap it up to become a ...
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App Store asking for other Apple ID when updating apps

My friend's mate reset his phone to prove him wrong about a situation and ever since then when he tries to update his apps it asks for his mom's iCloud password yet it says at the bottom of the App ...
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Damaged and can't be open app error message

I bought the iBoostUp app when I was using Lion, and one day it suddenly stopped working, I uninstalled it, and yesterday I got Mountain Lion hoping that it would get magically fixed, but it didn't. ...
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4 answers

Problem with "Always Open With" in OS X

I want know how can I apply a software to open all my same document, for example I want to open all my PDF document with Skim but when I right click on it> open with > other and choose my desired ...
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How to get a complete list of all applications installed?

Using OSX 10.8.4., I am having a hard time finding a complete list of all software applications installed on my Mac. Of course, the Launchpad only shows the list of those that have an app shortcut ...
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How to turn off hyperlinks in Notes in iOS so you don't accidentally click them?

after you paste a URL in Notes, is there a way to have the hyperlink(?) turned off so you don't click it by accident and be taken to the webpage? It'd be nice if the URL can be there just as pure text....
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Is it possible to have per-app network/vpn/proxy settings

I have a few different applications on my Mac that ideally I would like to run with different network settings. One app for work I need to run over my work VPN, but at the same time, I have another ...
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Can I start an application as another user without actually switching users?

Is there a way to start an application as another user so that the started application would use the other user's preferences/history/resources et al? For example: I've logged in as Alice and I'd ...
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Easy way to see a list of all the apps I have installed on my iPhone

I'm looking for an easy way to see a list of all the apps that are currently installed on my iPhone (running iOS9). In earlier versions of iOS it was possible to just type a '.' into Spotlight and all ...
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How can I find out which apps I have already downloaded on my iPhone?

When you attempt to download an app that costs money, you will not be charged if you already bought the app. After you press buy and enter your iTunes password, it will say "You have already purchased ...
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