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Please use this tag for questions on bundled services from Apple.

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Does Apple Music include FULL iTunes Match functionality, or not?

I've been unable to get a simple, clear conclusive/official answer to this question: Does Apple Music truly include all of the feature set of iTunes Match? Bonus question below. My situation: I am a ...
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App Store charge for "Premier (Automatic Renewal)"

Today I received an emailed Apple / App Store receipt for a $29.95 charge. Your receipt from Apple. Premier (Automatic Renewal) $29.95 Premier (Automatic Renewal) (Monthly) I don't recognize this &...
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Can't install Apple Fitness app to iPad 14.3

I just updated my iPad Pro 2020 to iPadOS 14.3. I'm also an Apple One Premier member. When I try to download the Apple Fitness app to my iPad, the App Store doesn't let me. I get an error message: &...
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