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This tag is for general Apple News questions. Please use the [] tag for questions about the Mac app specifically.

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HomePod plays Apple-produced news brief, but not iPhone

On my HomePod, if I say “Hey Siri, tell me the news” I get an audio news brief produced by Apple. On my iPhone, if I say “Hey Siri, tell me the news” I get a remark saying I need to download an app ...
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How does Apple One consolidate family member free trial subscriptions?

I've been wanting to start an Apple One family subscription for a little while, just to consolidate all of the charges my partner and I are paying for (it's borderline whether it represents good value ...
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Customize tabs on News app?

Can I customize the tabs at the bottom of the Apple News app on my iPhone? Currently “Sports” appears as the third tab. I would like to replace that.
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Find Apple News versions of paywalled articles

It will sometimes happen that I see a link to an article in a publication such as the Wall Street Journal that requires a subscription but is readable in Apple News+. Searching for the headline or ...
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How can I uninstall or disable the News app on macOS? [duplicate]

I never use it, and according to CleanMyMac it's using > 6GB for its cache
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Can I stop Apple News from prioritising Covid news in my newsfeed all the time?

Every single time I open Apple News, it shows Covid-related news at the top. Every single time I have to scroll past all of them to start reading topics I’m interested in. Doesn’t look like Apple News ...
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How to find magazines in News+?

For example, is there a way to search whether Businessweek 今周刊 is in News+? I was later able to find Businessweek, find have to scroll alphabetically among A to Z and it was under Bloomberg ...
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Apple News Remove Topic

I currently subscribed to Apple One and I'm on macOS 11.0.1. I never used Apple News prior to subscribing so this is my first experience with it and trying to tune it to the stories that interest me. ...
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Why does the News app lose the article you're reading when restoring

This is super, super annoying. If I open the News app on my phone, start reading an article and then, say, reply to a message; every time I restore the article the News app just goes back to the home ...
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Apple News+ channel not findable in the App

I'm in Canada. My Apple News channel (KNITmuch) is not findable in the App. I've already tried to change my Apple ID region from Canada to USA, nothing happened. If I go to my channel's Analytics in ...
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How can I see the history of stories I've read on Apple News?

Sometimes I'll be interrupted in the middle of reading a story on Apple News and later when I open the app, it didn't save the story I was previously reading. I want to be able to resume reading the ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How can I use Apple News without changing my region on macOS Mojave?

I want to use Apple News on macOS but not to change my region to the United States. How can I do that?
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0 answers

How can I unfollow the Weekend Pursuits channel?

I'm exploring Apple News for the first time and confused about how its channels work. One of the channels appears to be missing its Remove button: Why is that channel different? How do I remove it?
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3 answers

How to open macOS news article in browser?

I like the Apple News app, but can't figure out how to open the articles in browsers (For sharing purposes). The Share button doesn't have "open in browser" as an option. I've tried sharing a note, ...
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No apple news app after the mojave upgrade

I followed the steps to get a pirated version of mojave beta upgrade and everything is working fine except I don't see the much talked about apple news app, although other apps like voice memos, ...
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1 answer

Does Apple maintain a public list of known serious bugs?

Is there somewhere public that Apple (or a third party) maintains a list of known serious bugs with Apple's software? For example it would have been nice to have known: That the reason that iCloud ...
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4 answers

How do I turn off News notifications on my Apple Watch?

Recently I started seeing News notifications on my Apple Watch: I've confirmed that News is turned off in the Watch app on my iPhone under Notifications: But I keep getting the notifications. I've ...
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How can I block the News app on iOS?

I need to block the app. Which domain names does it use? Can I use content restriction like Safari? Can I block the IP addresses in my router?
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