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This is not for MDM questions specifically but it is for the services Apple provides to businesses including DEP, MDM, managed Apple ID, VPP and the web site

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apple business manager federation username conflicts

I want to enable federation in Apple Business Manager but there are conflicts as there are a lot of accounts already created with work email addresses. If we allow Apple Business Manager to reclaim ...
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Apple enrollment troubles

So, we have never had issues with Apple automated device enrollment (we use Apple Business Manager and Intune here), however, we've suddenly run into a few issues with new devices not enrolling ...
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Is it possible to setup (install apps, adjust settings, etc) an MDM Mac, with an "admin" user, then change the user to a "standard" one?

I'm sorry if the language in the title is confusing. I struggled to type out what I'm trying to do in one sentence. Hopefully I can provide some context below that will help. My company buys Mac ...
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How do I migrate existing Apple ID accounts automatically after federation for a domain is enabled in Apple Business Manager?

We just registered the company domain on Apple Business Manager and enabled federation. A lot of co-workers used their work email for iCloud already and are now asked to migrate those "personal&...
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How to remove personal information from iMac Pro with MDM (after attempting remote erase)

When I was working for a university they bought me a 2017 iMac Pro to use for work from home, which came with some sort of MDM profile linked to the university. When I left several years later, my ...
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This Apple ID cannot be used to make purchases

I just wiped my iPad using Apple Configurator 2, and linked it to my MDM which is ManageEngine. I am enrolled in ABM and have purchases enough licences of the app I want to install. I can see the apps ...
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How to Sign In to Your Work or School Account Using a Managed Apple ID with MDM?

I am trying to sign in using my managed work Apple ID on an iPhone through the settings under VPN & Device Management. When I input my email address, I get "Sign-In Failed", "Your ...
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Can I generate redemption code in Apple Business Manager for my own app?

For example I've created the app, set distribution method to 'Apple Business Manager' and my app has passed the review. Can I generate redemption code for my own app and share it with somebody?
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No download button for redemption codes for custom app in Apple Business Manager

I've managed to release my app through apple business manager but when generating redemption codes there is no download button showing so I'm unable to get my redemption codes. Is there a certain time ...
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How to distribute custom app using Apple Business manager?

We trying to distribute the custom app using the apple business manager, we purchased the app in the business manager. And we are trying to add the device to the business manager account. We didn't ...
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Apple Business Manager and Apple Developer Program

My team developed custom application for a company, and now we are trying to deploy the application to the employee owned devices. We decided to use the Apple Business Manager and some MDM solution ...
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Apple Business Manager Error not covered on support page - Account Update Not Allowed

We have begun the processing of syncing Apple Business Manager with our Microsoft Intune instance (all Azure Active Directory accounts) via SCIM. In the logs, for 2 of our accounts, I am given the ...
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Custom app distribution through Apple Business Manager

How can we distribute custom apps worldwide using redemption codes through Apple Business Manager?
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Apple ID not supported - Use a Managed Apple ID Error

When enrolling in MDM you may get this error if you had previously used the same email address as a non managed id. e.g. was transferred to Apple Business managed ids, now your old my@...
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