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Can I get windows 7 like window resizing on Mac OS X? [duplicate]

Windows 7 has a nice new feature for moving around windows. The one that I am particularly interested in is: Windows Key + Left/Right : Move the window to the left or right of the screen, or over ...
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How do I maximize a window vertically? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What Window Management Options exist for OS X? Is there some keyboard shortcut, mouse gesture, or add-on I can install that will allow me to maximize terminal windows ...
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Is there a way to auto-resize programs like in Windows 7 and up? [duplicate]

One of my favorite Windows features is the ability to slam a program into the side of the screen to auto-resize it to fill that half of the screen. Is there any program I can download for Mac that ...
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Resize and position windows using keyboard shortcuts [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What Window Management Options exist for OS X? I want to be able to resize and move a window without using a mouse. Recently I found shiftit, which is 80% what I need. The ...
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Freeware for tiling windows [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What Window Management Options exist for OS X? I've seen many, many utilities for resizing windows (BST, Moom, Divvy, SizeUp...) but I wanted to know if there were any ...
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Window management software? [duplicate]

I'm using a very simple tool on Windows called which allows me to set screen regions and maximizes to that region. Is there similar software on OS X? The one's I've found only ...
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Is there a way to move windows and resize them via a cli or Automator [duplicate]

I spend my work week switching between home and work (M/W/F at home, Tu/Th at the office). At home I have a single 4k monitor, mostly due to lack of desk space that is shared between the work laptop ...
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Is there a keyboard shortcut to move a window from one monitor to another?

Is there a free app that I can use to move a window from one monitor to the other monitor (assuming only two monitors) via the keyboard? I shouldn't have to use the mouse at all (e.g., for selecting ...
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How to arrange two windows easily to left and right side?

In Windows 7, we can easily arrange two windows with these shortcuts: Option (Alt) ⌥ + ← maximizes the window to the left side of the screen, and Option (Alt) ⌥ + → maximizes the window to the right ...
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How do I move a window whose title bar is off-screen?

I encountered a strange problem today. I downloaded FileZilla and on first launch the title bar was above my mouse pointer's reach. Making the window unmovable. Here is a screenshot of my situation. ...
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How to move a window to another space without using the mouse?

I use spaces for having multiple desktops, but often need to move a program from one space to another. I am aware of the various ways to do that with a mouse: Click-and-hold on the title bar of ...
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Do any window managers allow me to snap windows to the sides of the display?

Can you recommend a Window Manager for the Mac? I would like to have a keyboard shortcut that would snap a windows to the left or right half of my screen.
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Move a full screen app to second monitor

In Mac OS X El Capitan, is there a shortcut to move full screen apps between monitors? My current method is first bringing the app out of full screen mode, then drag it to the second monitor and then ...
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Snap feature for Mac?

Coming from Windows I have gotten extremely used to the Windows Snap feature, which resizes a window when it's dragged to the screen edges. However, it's not built into OS X. Are there any 3rd party ...
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How to enable horizontal split in full screen mode in El Capitan

I use my external display in tower mode. I've been using third party software ( like Moom ) to split my screen horizontally when needed. Now that El Capitan supports split screen in full screen mode, ...
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