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Free utilities for a power users switching from Windows to OS X? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: OS X Applications you can't live without I'm looking for usual tools, like messenger, file transfer, text editor and so on. PS. I would make it community wiki, but I do ...
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What iPhone apps can't you live without? [closed]

What are your "must-have" iPhone or iPod touch apps—the ones you can't live without? (Figuratively speaking, I hope.) Please omit apps that come pre-installed. Rules One app per answer. Use this ...
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OS X Terminal "must have" utilities [closed]

I've just read with pleasure, and learned a lot from these questions : OS X Terminal Tips and Tricks OS X Hidden features and nice tips & tricks OS X Applications you can't live without But I ...
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Which are the OS X Dashboard Widgets you can't live without?

I don't use widgets that much, but one particular widget makes the dashboard useful to me. That's iStat iStat Pro is a highly configurable widget that lets you monitor every aspect of your Mac, ...
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Looking for the ultimate IDE for Mac

I am a little disenchanted with development on the Mac right now. I need a single IDE that can handle all of my development needs. I did notice there are other questions on this topic already, but ...
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What is the best way to discover good iPhone apps? [closed]

So I can browse the App store myself, and read ratings and reviews, but with the 100,000+ iPhone apps out there, are there better ways to do this? Word of mouth? App review sites? Cool app-of-the-day?...
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Keyboard-only folder navigation with auto complete

This is one feature of Windows 7 Start menu that I haven't been able to replace in OS X ML. In Windows: Press Windows key Start typing, for example: H:\folder\phot Use arrow keys to highlight the "...
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New harddrive, cannot sync my iPad

I just got a new hard drive and I want to sync all my iPad stuff back into my iTunes but it's just asking to erase the iPad. I just want all my books and stuff to be back in my iTunes.
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Are there any cool free 3D games on the OS X platform? [closed]

I've been recently playing Urban Terror, which is a multiplayer FPS game built on Quake 3 engine, and runs across Mac/Linux/Windows. Are there more such games that are free run on immersive 3D engine ...
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Any recommendations for a before&after software installation scanner/uninstaller?

I'm trying to decide on an uninstaller that does before and after system scans. So far, I've come across these three: CleanApp ( - which I saw someone recommend in this ...
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