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Why is my inactive memory not getting free? [duplicate]

When my MacBook Pro (13" 2010, Intel C2D 2.4 GHz, 4GB RAM 1067 MHz DDR3, running Snow Leopard) runs out of free memory, instead of releasing inactive memory (which is mostly about 500 - 1000 MB), it ...
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What features of Mavericks are beneficial to you?

This question serves to share and collect the enhancements that make a large difference to how you use your Mac. Please post one feature per answer. Please also check to see if your answer has ...
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What is wired memory?

I'm trying to figure out what is using all of the memory in my Macbook Pro running OS X Lion. I have 8 GB of memory total. When I quit all active programs except Finder and Activity Monitor, then run ...
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What does it mean if I have lots of "Inactive" memory at the end of a work day?

After a day's of work at my MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.6.5, Activity Monitor shows that the majority of my computer's 8 GB of memory is "Inactive", and only a tiny sliver of the pie chart is "...
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Mavericks unusually high RAM usage

I thought Mavericks was suppose to utilize RAM memory better, thus run smoother. Running ML on Mac mini 2012, with 16GB RAM...always running smoothly even with over a dozen apps running. Now, after ...
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What is memory pressure, and how do I relieve it?

I have had my machine for more than a year now, and I'm looking at Memory Pressure in the Activity Monitor. What is this memory pressure and How do I "relieve" this memory pressure from my system? ...
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Why does OS X Mavericks block the purge command in Terminal?

When I try the purge command on my terminal, OS X Mavericks gives me the following message: Unable to purge disk buffers: Operation not permitted This hasn't been the default behavior until now. I ...
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How does memory management work in Mac OS X?

I am a university student who has been trying to write a compare and contrast paper between how Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X manage memory. For instance, with Windows, it's physical memory (RAM) and ...
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Can I force my Mac to make better use of the inactive memory?

I use mysql and it takes up to 2.5 GB of my ram. I checked activity monitor and saw that I have 1GB of inactive memory but it never changes even if I have only 10MB active free memory. Is there any ...
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High memory usage on MacOS Catalina

I noticed that most of the time, Activity Monitor tells me that memory used is above 10 Gb (out of 16). But the processes listed doesn't seem to consume as much memory. Here are screenshots : I also ...
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How to specify command to always run as root?

In Mountain Lion, I frequently used a simple automator app called "Purge Memory" which just ran "purge" in the command line. I really enjoyed cleaning the RAM, especially when buggy apps ran memory ...
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How do I increase size of Virtual Memory in Mac OS Catalina?

I am running Mac OS Catalina 10.15.6 with APFS formatted disk on an unsupported MAC using dosdude1 guide. My experience from windows is I had to make careful calculations on pagefile.sys and run into ...
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Is it OK to run -sudo purge, frequently? [duplicate]

I'm on Mavericks 10.9.2, 24GB's RAM, and my usage constantly teters on 23.95 GB in use very frequently. From what I can tell, the largest running process is 'kernel_task', and even then it's less ...
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Can Google Chrome be blamed for high RAM usage and lagging performance?

On my Mac, OS X lags substantially when browsing through Chrome. I've researched things and understand that inactive memory is part of the free memory, that can and should be freed at a moment's ...
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Trouble Understanding Inactive Memory in MacOSX

I thought that I understood how MacOSX manages memory, but recently I’ve become baffled by its performance. Here is the situation: I have a brand new Core i7 system with 8GB of physical memory ...
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