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How do you switch between built-in audio and headphone audio without unplugging? [duplicate]

Once I plug headphones into my iMac I no longer have the option in the sound preferences panel to output audio to the built-in speakers. I have to unplug the headphones to get audio output through the ...
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Bypass stuck audio jack on macbookpro with software [duplicate]

Can i create a mac Osx application that can bypass the audio jack to produce sound through the speakers. I accidentally broke off the headphone jack inside my Macbook Pro and sound no longer comes out,...
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Make "Internal Speakers" a permanent option in sound options on the menu bar [duplicate]

Sometimes I use a headset with my iMac, but I often need to switch between both. Unfortunately, I need to unplug the headset every time to do this. This is a hassle, because the iMac is located far ...
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Yosemite : change sound output between speaker and headphone [duplicate]

I want to switch between headphones (jack) and internal speakers without having to insert/remove the jack? Is it possible ? And how ?
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Is it possible to play sound through both the headphone jack and my internal speakers?

I'd really like to be able to play sound through both the headphone jack and my internal speakers on my MBP. Is this possible? If so, how?
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Internal Mic Option Disappears when using Apple Earbuds

Does anyone know of a way to use my macbook pro's internal microphone while using my Apple "Earpods" for sound? When I look at the Sound Prefpane without my earbuds in the internal mic option is there,...
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How can I send my computer's audio to multiple outputs?

I'm sending my system's audio to Soundflower, but I want to send it to my headphones at the same time. Is there any way I can achieve this?
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Soft switch for Mac sound output

When I'm alone, I unplug my headset and let the sound output from the load speaker of my iMac, and when there are other people around, I plug in the headset in order to not bother people around me. I ...
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Using external microphone disables internal speaker

I have a Mid-2015 Macbook Pro, which has the combined headphone/microphone jack. I normally use it in clamshell mode, and in the past some people have had a hard time hearing me if I try to use the ...
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Use internal speakers while headphones are plugged in to iPod touch 5th generation

An audio plug that was used to connect to speakers is stuck in the audio jack of my iPod touch 5th generation and I can't get it out. Is there a way to change the settings so I can only use the ...
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Secondary or Separate Audio Output?

I usually listen to Mac output through headphones, which I keep plugged in almost all the time. I'm happy to have speakers squelched. But there are some alerts--e.g. message coming in from IM, or ...
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