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How can I force a crash report in OSX? [duplicate]

My MacBook Pro regularly gets into a state where a very lightly loaded system starts processing very slowly: mouse clicks and button presses take a few minutes to process and a couple of useful things ...
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How to investigate high kernel task memory usage?

I was using my MacBook Pro (with 16GB of RAM) as usual and out of blue I've this popup that: Your system has run out of application memory. To avoid problems with your computer, quit any applications ...
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Where can I find my crash logs?

Console prints: default 17:16:18.554342 -0700 ReportCrash Saved crash report for APP_NAME[50432] version 1.2.3 (4) to APP_NAME_2020-03-17-171618_MacBook-Pro.crash I would like to ask you, where ...
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How do I debug an out-of-control "kernel_task" process?

Just recently I noticed my battery life having a pretty significant drop and the "kernel_task" process using quite a bit of CPU (a constant 1-6% on my 2.8ghz dual-core i7, 2010 MBP). Obviously I think ...
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How do I clear the purgeable area on my disk?

I cleared space on my disk by deleting files and emptying trash. But, I am unable to make use of the space that I freed up. That is, as you can see the disk reports 142 GB as Available with 83 GB of ...
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what is in caches?

Doing some cleanup on my Macbook Air with a 128GB SSD looking for big files to reduce the space used. I found something named that is 1GB in the /System/Library/Caches ...
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How does 'stuck' (in results of 'top') relate to 'not responding' (in Activity Monitor), 'spin' or 'hang'?

In results of top commands, I sometimes see stuck. Apple's top(1) OS X Manual Page does not explain this use of the word. How, if it all, does stuck relate to the following? not responding – may ...
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Where are crash logs after a system freeze?

When your entire macOS freezes up and restarts, are there crash logs or core dumps to diagnose the problem? I would in particular like to know which kernel module was active at the time of the crash. ...
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MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion freezes frequently (full screen Flash in Chrome, Messages, HTC on USB)

Problems following an upgrade to Mountain Lion on a 13-inch, Early 2011 MacBook Pro (MacBookPro8,1 with Intel HD Graphics 3000). With Google Chrome, I was watching YouTube video fullscreen – Flash ...
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WifiDiagnostics files filling up drive even with logging disabled

Since upgrading to OS X Catalina, I started getting disk full notifications. After some looking, I discovered the cause is ~400 MB files in /private/var/tmp like this: WiFiDiagnostics_2019-10-23_12....
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MacBookAir kernel_task at 300% and rising [duplicate]

I have a MacBookAir5,1 connected to a Thunderbolt Display. When it gets very hot, PID 0 "kernel_task" uses ever more CPU until reaching 340% and slowing the Mac down sufficiently to make me restart ...
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Mac use Cmd-Opt-Control-Shift-, (comma) as a hotkey

Is there a way to use CommandOptionControlShift, as hotkey? The same modifier keys (CommandOptionControlShift) work fine with letters, but I can't seem to make it do anything when using the , key. ...
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Purge command - Unable to purge disk buffers, error #-2?

When I attempt to run the purge command, I get the same error every time. [ERROR] <CPDevice.c:3816> Unable to create new counter client. [ERROR] <CPOSX.c:1172> Unable to get user ...
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2010 Mac Pro beachballing/freezing

My machine is a 2010 Mac Pro 2 x 2.66 6-core intel xeon with 32 GBs of ram running Mac OS X 10.8.3. Just the other day it started to beach ball after about an hour of use. It doesn't make any ...
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Where Exactly are Apple Diagnostics Results Stored on Disk

I know that on macOS you can access the last run Apple Diagnostics test in System Information, as seen in the image below. You can also access reference codes in the Terminal using system_profiler ...
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