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Show Hidden Files OS X 10.7 Lion [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to show hidden files and folders in finder? How do I show the hidden files in OS X 10.7 Lion?
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How to make hidden files visible in a folder in the finder? [duplicate]

I have created a file in the terminal using touch <.filename> with a dot(.) in the front and it is hidden, but I cannot see it in the finder. How can I enable "show hidden files"?
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How to view Hidden Files in Finder? [duplicate]

I have some .m2 files which I need to copy from Finder in Mac but I don't see them there. How can I see the hidden files in Finder. One workaround is to open the folder in terminal and use ls -a ...
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Hotkey to show hidden files and folders in File Open dialog?

This question is very similar to Is it possible to always show hidden/dotfiles in Open/Save dialogs?. How to show hidden files and folders in finder? is also related. However, I don't want to always ...
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Enter a filename in the File Open dialog

Can I enter a path to a file and its name instead of selecting a file in Mac OS X file dialog? I tried just typing into an open dialog but it will just try to "Go to a folder", it won't accept a full ...
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Is it possible to always show hidden/dotfiles in Open/Save dialogs?

It is possible to show so-called dotfiles/directories like .git or files/directories that have the Hidden attribute in the Finder by running defaults write AppleShowAllFiles 1 from ...
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How to show hidden files on mac without Terminal

I need an easy way to switch files visibility on Mac. I know about Terminal commands how to show hidden files and hide files. However, I need a tool to make this task faster and easier. I was trying ...
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How can Finder permanently show a specific file starting with a dot/period?

I have a folder on my Mac that I will set up to git-sync with a folder on my web server. I’d like to be able to see the .htaccess file in this folder without having to unhide hidden files all over the ...
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How can I find and edit my external hard-drive's .fseventsd folder?

While changing my 'file directory' preferences on Vuze, I accidentally created a folder in the .fseventsd-folder on my Seagate external hard-drive. I can't even find the .fseventsd-folder using ...
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How to show all hidden files in Finder?

How can I permanently compel the Finder to show me hidden files? Previously I've done this by configuring the Mac OS X user defaults system as suggested in this answer: defaults write ...
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Show ALL files starting with a dot in Finder

This answer from 2011 doesn't work for me: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles true killall Finder I still can't see .DS_Store for example, .localized, ._. etc cmd shift . also doesn't ...
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