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Send notification from command line [duplicate]

On Mac OS X, some applications will display a notification that appears briefly in the upper-right corner (e.g., when I receive email). Is there a way to generate a notification from the command-line?...
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Notify when time-consuming task is finished in the terminal [duplicate]

Is there a way to get notified when some terminal task is finished "in the background" in the terminal? I need to get notified when npm run build is over which can take up to 15 mins. I've ...
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Cron log to Notification bar [duplicate]

I have a couple of cron jobs that I would like to log output to the Notification app in Mountain Lion. I've searched and and figured out how to log cron output by editing the plist file, but nothing ...
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How to get a notification when my commands are done

I'm running a series of commands on the command line that takes approximately twenty minutes to complete. I'd like to see some sort of notification on my Mac when these are finished so I don't need ...
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Alternative ways to set a timer on macOS

I'm trying to set a timer on macOS to no avail, as Siri prompts me to set a reminder instead: Most, if not all apps found on the Mac App Store don't provide this functionality without being too ...
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Get low battery notifications for mouse earlier

Is it possible to tweak the % that I get warning of low battery for my Magic Mouse 2? I currently only get it at 2% at which point it's very close to dying so I have to stop what I'm doing and plug ...
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How to hide preview of text contents from notifications in Mountain lion?

In Mountain Lion's Notification Centre, I don't like having a notification pop up with the contents of an iMessage text I just got, but I do want to have notifications about it happening. Is there a ...
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How can I show the full notifications in the notification center?

I cannot read the full notification (see attached). How can I?
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Possible to change Quick-Reply buttons in Mail Notifications?

Yosemite introduced a new feature to quick reply within a notification. Mail offers the options to trash a new E-Mail or reply to it. But, instead of trash, I want to archive it. Can I change ...
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Is there a way to get a list of all currently running program's window titles with AppleScript?

I'm looking to write a script which outputs a list of all the window titles of all the currently running programs. Is there any way to do this with AppleScript? I tried running the following code: ...
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How can I escape spaces in bash function to send Native OS notifications via osascript / Applescript?

Hoping some one can point out what I am doing wrong. After looking through several threads, plus lots of experimentation, it feels like something simple is wrong. The threads I read include How can I ...
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“” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified

When I update os from Big Sur to Monterey and open it shows me the message “” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. Why it shows me the ...
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How to make a message appear on the screen?

I'm trying to set up a kind of intercom system between Mac, Windows, and Linux boxes at home. Question: How can I make an arbitrary message appear on the graphical screen of Mac OS X? For instance, ...
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How to trigger Notification Centre notification from JavaScript? [closed]

The other question asks the same but using AppleScript. Apple introduced JavaScript as a new language for Automation in OS X 10.10.
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Display a notification with AppleScript

I would like to trigger a notification with AppleScript. I have seen How can I trigger a Notification Center notification from an AppleScript or shell script? but I would like to have a native ...
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