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Command Line Tips and Tricks [duplicate]

==>> What are the most useful Unix shell "one-liners" that you use? <<== Here are a couple of mine to get the conversation started: 1. Repeat the previous command with a substring replacement: ...
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OS X Terminal "must have" utilities [closed]

I've just read with pleasure, and learned a lot from these questions : OS X Terminal Tips and Tricks OS X Hidden features and nice tips & tricks OS X Applications you can't live without But I ...
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How can I quickly navigate through man pages in the Terminal

Is there any way to quickly scroll through text-heavy output in Terminal such as man pages ? Using the up and down arrows only move the screen one line at a time; is there any way to scroll faster?
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Is there a beginners guide to Unix from the OS X point of view?

I'm hoping to build on my embarrassingly-limited knowledge of the command line, and I know there are a ton of great resources out there. I'm wondering if there are any books or other resources that ...
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Why use the terminal in daily non-programming life

Disclaimer: I'm a Windows boy awaiting his first mac. I never bothered learning/using command-line interfaces. I've been looking at the Terminal Tips and Tricks topic and I don't see how any of those ...
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Converting WAV to MP3 using LAME and Automator

I'd like to convert many WAV files to MP3 files using LAME and Automator. I need a script that I could right click a folder and convert all the WAV files inside the folder to MP3 files. I've been able ...
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Listing the terminal commands available for Mac OS

I would like to make more use of the terminal. Is there a command I can use that could list for me all the available command of the Mac OS? I am using Snow Leopard.
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How can I see where a program writes to my disk?

If I want to uninstall a program and remove all trace of data it stored on my computer, is there a tool to see where a program has written data? I expect it isn't going to be possible after the fact, ...
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Can my Mac tell jokes?

Sometimes I just need a break from serious work. Can my Mac OS install tell me any jokes?
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Application to imitate Win+R (Run)

I'm searching for an OS X program that will open a plain text box, and allow me to type either a directory path, a file path, or a shell script, and have it open/execute my input. Are there any ...
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Regarding groff - where is the config file and will this work?

I've been reading Terminal Tips and Tricks For Mac OS X when I came across this. bman () { gunzip < `man -w $@` | groff -Thtml -man | bcat } Apparently I should be able to view man pages with ...
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