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Where can I find the unicode symbols for Mac functional keys? (Command, Shift, etc.)

Is there a list of key-symbols that I could reference?
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How to add characters to the press and hold character picker in OS X Lion?

In OS X Lion, there is a very useful feature for people like me who need to write in multiple languages, which pops up a small menu of additional characters when you hold down a letter. For instance, ...
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How to remove or disable a default keyboard layout?

Is it possible to remove or disable one of OS X Lion’s default keyboard layouts? I’m using a custom keyboard layout, and now that I managed to set it as the system-wide default keyboard layout, I’d ...
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Make a custom keyboard layout the system default — even for the login screen

Can I make a custom keyboard layout (one that wasn’t included with OS X by default) the system default — even for the login screen?
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What is the keyboard combination for the ⌘ symbol (Apple 'Command' symbol)?

There are many handy shortcuts for exotic characters in Mac such as Option + 7 for ¶ and Option + G for ©. Is there one to yield the command key ('⌘') sign?
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How can I re-run the initial Setup Assistant on Mountain Lion?

As described in my write-up on custom keyboard layouts, in some situations it can be useful to re-run the Setup Assistant (the app that you get when you start a new Mac for the first time, or do a ...
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How can I use text substitutions without having to type a space?

I have some custom text substitutions set up in the Language & Text pane of System Preferences. But in order to activate a substitution, I have to type the shortcut and then press the spacebar. ...
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changing the meta key in emacs

I am running emacs 24.3 through the terminal on OS X 10.8.4. I would like to modify the meta-key which is currently set to be the ESC key. I have successfully changed the meta-key from ESC to option/...
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Replace keyboard shortcut for ⌥ + d

I want to replace the keyboard shortcut for ⌥Option + d = ∂ with ⌥Option + d = ð How can I do that?
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Recomendations for where to assign the hash (#) key [closed]

I've just bought my first Mac (long-time PC user) and am attempting to solve the problem of the missing easy-access has (#) key. (I know it's there - either Alt +3 or Shift + 3 - but I want to access ...
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Accessing certain diacritical vowel characters in the Spanish layout in Mac OS X

I need the following Portuguese characters: ã, õ. I write in Spanish/Portuguese all the time, but I am used to the Spanish keyboard layout. I can do anything but write the mentioned characters. I do ...
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