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Is there a way to limit which installed apps a macOS user can use? If so, how? [duplicate]

I'm interested in having two users on my MacBook, but restrict some apps from being used by one of them. Is there a way to block apps from being used by another user of the same Mac? Or maybe ...
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How can I limit the applications a user can access? [duplicate]

My brother is using my computer tomorrow and he just needs zoom, how do I force zoom to the foreground until I enter a password? I am not good with apple script, so if you could make it so I can just ...
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Entirely prevent specific apps from starting [duplicate]

I have a certain issue with my Mac, which is that in certain situations, "standard" system apps are started. For example, clicking on any link in MS Office will fire up Safari, which I never ...
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macOS: Blacklisting applications and processes [duplicate]

I need something like a firewall, but instead of restricting network traffic, I want to be able to restrict scripts, applications, and processes in general from being allowed to run/execute in the ...
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Blocking Disk Utility? [duplicate]

I'm looking for a way to prevent someone from creating a new partition on my hard drive in order to get around restrictions I've set. I've already tried setting an administrator account to no luck. ...
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macOS - spctl command - disabled list with - app still runs

I followed the guidance in this answer. Ran the following commands: sudo spctl --add --label "DeniedApps" /System/Applications/ sudo spctl --disable --label "DeniedApps" News app (to be ...
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Is it possible to allow usage for an app or program for a specific times on a Mac?

I was trying to achieve this using a second account (which is the admin account) and Parental Controls, but it seemed this isn't possible to do so. I know there are some programs which you can ...
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Irreversible way to block Internet access on Mac for certain periods of time

I am looking for a way to restrict Internet access for specified periods of time that I decide on so that I, the admin, cannot access the internet during the restricted time period, and that I also ...
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How can I use Gatekeeper to block applications on my Mac?

Is there a way for me to create a blacklist of Applications that cannot be installed, or run after they have been installed, on OS X Sierra? I have tried to follow the directions outlined here: https:/...
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How do I stop a user unloading a plist

I want to stop a user in MacOS from unloading a plist using launchctl? Launchctl does not seem to always require a su / sudo. I have a non-admin user that is managing to switch off app restrictions ...
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Is it possible to create a user with all admin rights *except* the ability to interrupt a particular process and access a particular folder?

On Windows, it's not really doable. It is possible on linux with mandatory access control (for example). So you can have a web filter running, but the sudoer wouldn't be able to interfere with it (at ...
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Is there any way to prevent a non-admin user from executing "launchctl unload" on macOS?

I started using a well-known program for self-control on MacOS called Cold Turkey. This program is very powerful, but it's not enough since I can open a Terminal as a non-admin user and execute the ...
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Self-made app will not open [closed]

I have created a Java application and wanted to run it as a standard application bundle. Here is the directory tree: Contents MacOS Snake Snake.jar Resources ...
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Big Sur: remove per-user permissions for builtin apps

I am trying to create a limited user account without access to several builtin apps, such as Terminal. Changing these apps permissions either through Finder or chmod failed - I assume due to them ...
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