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How to find if a USB has been plugged in on a certain date? [duplicate]

Starting from this great script offered by Daniel Azuelos cd /Volumes/suspicious_USB /usr/bin/sudo find . -atime -21 -exec ls -dluT {} \; How is it possible to modify it in order to find if a USB ...
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How can I know if a user plugged an external storage device into a Mac (such as an external hard drive) and moved/copied any data to and from it? [duplicate]

How can I know if a user plugged an external storage device (such as an external hard drive) and moved/copied any data to and from it? Is this recorded in any system logs?. Any article or resource ...
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How to find what file is deleted in macOS? [duplicate]

I have a question regarding macOS file operation. Is there a log file showing which file has been deleted on Mac recently?
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Did someone copy files from my Mac?

I was away from my MacBook Air (Yosemite) briefly and suspected that someone had copied files from my Mac. Here is what I can see from the system.log under console /var/log. Could some experts ...
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Detecting theft of data - folder / files transfered from MacBook to USB

I know this is similar to another question posted here a while ago: Did someone copy files from my Mac? but the problem is slightly different and the answers don't help in my case. I need to know ...
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Is there any software to track user activity on Mac OS Server?

I'm running a Mac server in my office with the following set up Mac Mini with macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 Apple Server 5.4 NAS unit On this system, we have a number of users connecting into it on a ...
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A standard method to trace and log which software creates and accesses files on my system?

Is there a way to continually trace/log which software is creating and accessing files on my system? I assume these log files would grow very large unless trimmed. I see a bunch of dot files and no ...
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How can I view spawning processes or command lines of programs

I'm trying to identify what child processes a program spawns during execution. Ideally it will include things such as the command line being used to launch. Effectively, I'm looking for the OSX ...
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track internet usage app wise on the Mac

On the Mac, is there a way to track internet usage app-wise. Ideally I would want an app the ability to track monthly usage etc.
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Can I trace movement of files on macOS?

I would like to be able to collect data on file movement to filter it by time, type and/or size. Is there a procedure or third party app that will allow tracing of any file as it moves from a place of ...
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Is there a way to see when an application was launched? [duplicate]

Is there a way to see when an application was launched? I need to restore some tabs that were open in my browser when I launched it several weeks ago (it is still running) and I want to look in the ...
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Is there a log of all the apps I am running on my macOS?

I think being able to see what apps I use the most on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis would be a good idea for macOS users. Are there such applications already available or a log file / ...
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Automatic removal of items from the trash after 30 days

Since Sierra, we can tell the Finder to remove items from the trash after 30 days. I have some questions about this: How can I tell how many days are left for a given file in the Trash? Where is ...
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Is it possible to know if Mac system activity was done in this mac or in another mac? [closed]

Could I use the system logs to know if log-ins, log-outs, etc were done in this Mac?…how can I know the user didn’t put the storage into another similar Mac and operated the machine from that mac? ...
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