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How to do Remote App Installs from iTunes in Macbook to iPhone [duplicate]

After the iTunes version 12.7 it seems impossible to install an app from iTunes and sync it to the iPhone: ...
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How do I sync apps to my iPhone with iTunes 12.7 or later? [duplicate]

I’ve got an iPhone 4S that I still use, but the WiFi chip has died. I want to try the hairdryer and freezer trick (I used it once before) but in the meantime I want to be able to add apps to it ...
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Can't transfer purchases from iPhone to iTunes in iOS 9

After upgrading to iOS 9, I can't transfer purchases from my iPhone to iTunes. It happens to just start the process, then it finishes without transferring anything. However, I can still transfer ...
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How do I backup and restore my IPA app backups in iTunes 12.7?

Today, Apple released iTunes 12.7. Surprisingly for a point-release this version removes the iOS App Store and iOS app management features:
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How do I manually install an app in iTunes 12.7?

I foolishly installed iTunes 12.7, and now find that I am unable to install a development/QA version of my company's app for testing. After downloading the IPA, I am following the steps found on ...
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With iTunes 12.7 no longer managing iOS apps, can I delete IPA files from my Mac?

The new iTunes (12.7) does not manage apps, this must be done from the device itself, my iPhone in this case. Can I delete all the IPA files from my MacBook HD?
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Download app bundles from App Store to run on iOS Emulator on Mac

I want to run an iOS app (eWeLink) using the Appetize service, which I believe is an emulator. My goal is to be able to control my light switches from my Mac using the eWeLink app. In order to do that,...
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Where's the iTunes app section for my iPhone?

I just updated itunes to before making a backup of my iphone 5. To my surprise I can't find an apps section when configuring the phone in itunes, nor can I find the apps section in the ...
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Can I get an older version of iTunes to get the App Store back?

The latest version of iTunes for Mac removes the App Store which I often use to sync my apps onto my iOS devices. Even though Apple encourages users to use the iOS App Store to manage apps, ... ...
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How can I extract audio files from an app?

Is there any way I can extract audio files from an iOS app? Would jailbreaking be required? This would be relatively easy on Android, but I cannot figure out how to get the app onto a PC. The ...
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Is it possible to regress to previous versions of an app? (iBird Pro)

I have iBird Pro on my old iPad and it has stopped working because I "updated" it and the new version requires an internet connection. Even with a connection it does not work and I just get Flickr ads,...
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Can't locate App Store in iTunes for macOS

Every time I launch iTunes on my Mac, there is no App Store item in it and I can't access the apps that I have launched on the App Store. .
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