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MacBook Pro: How to disable discrete GPU permanently from EFI?

I'd like to disable the NVidia GTX 750M GPU on my MacBook Pro 15" (Retina, Mid 2014, Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite). I know I can use GfxCardStatus but I read I could have a more permanent solution by ...
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How to disable discrete graphics card and use only integrated graphics MacBook Pro Early 2011?

I have a MacBook Pro Early 2011 and the GPU has died. I want to switch to Integrated Graphics only until I get my Logic Board replaced. I've tried: gfxcardstatus and I get this: There is no ...
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Boot hangs on grey screen (even when booting from USB drive with fresh OS X install)

My MacBook Pro 15" Late 2011 (MacBookPro8,2) with AMD Radeon 6770M exhibited display corruption and associated system crashes/resets over a period of two weeks before it entirely failed to boot. The ...
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Single-User-Recovery-Mode on High Sierra 10.13.6

Before the High Sierra update to 10.13.6 I was able to boot in single-user-recovery mode by holding Cmd-R-S at startup, but after the latest software update booting while holding Cmd-R-S just enters ...
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How critical are macOS Mojave compatibility requirements?

As per Apple support document, How to upgrade to macOS Mojave: 1. Check compatibility You can upgrade to macOS Mojave from OS X Mountain Lion or later on any of the following Mac models. ...
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diagnosing (likely) hardware fault on MBP 15'' (early 2011)

Today while I was routinely using my Macbook Pro 15" from early 2011 (model MacBookPro8,2), running Mavericks DP3, the screen suddenly went all glitchy and distorted and the system locked up. (I just ...
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MacBook Pro refuses to boot/recover, hangs at "white screen"

I am somewhat new to caring for Macs, but one has been left in my care and I have not been able to restore it to working order yet. Here are the symptoms: The MacBook Pro would hang with a "white ...
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Grey screen after login - Blue Screen of death from CMD+R

Mid-Late 2011 15inch Macbook Pro 7200RPM harddrive user upgrades - crucial ram 8GB right after initial purchase - Corsair ram 16GB since August 2012 - ...
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Thin green lines on boot, then screen goes grey (late 2011 MBP – 8,2)?

Last night I was using my late 2011 MBP (higher res screen, dual Intel/AMD graphics), and the screen suddenly went black. I left it go for a minute - no change. I open and closed the lid – it ...
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Macbook Pro (late 2011 15") is stuck in a boot loop

It boots up until the progress bar is at about 80%, then it flashes to an empty grey screen, no login window shown, no Apple logo. 30 seconds later it reboots on its own. Things I tried: reset the ...
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MacBook Pro Crashing and startup failure. What can be done?

Firstly, some background information for the problem: My girlfriend's MacBook Pro had an issue that was annoying, but not fatal. Roughly once a day (but sometimes not for a few days, and sometimes ...
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Can I use Linux in a 2011 Macbook Pro with a defective discrete GPU?

I have an early 15" 2011 Macbook Pro that is affected by the defective discrete GPU. I know there are workarounds in OSX to force the use of the integrated Intel GPU, or disable the drivers for the ...
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Setting a NVRAM variable in normal boot not permitted but allowed in recovery mode

If memory serves me right then in Yosemite it was possible to set the NVRAM variable agc with nvram boot-args even in normal full boot mode. This seems to have changed in later versions of the OS. ...
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Best solution to force MacBook Pro 2011 to use integrated graphics (discrete graphics still working though) [duplicate]

After changing my AMD Radeon HD graphic card again, and seeing so many complains about the MacBook Pro 2011 issue online, I decided to plan to make the my MacBook only work with Intel HD 3000 graphics ...
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MacBook Pro early 2011 hangs at “white screen”

I tried the following, but at each one except the single user mode, it is stuck on the white screen. This problem occurred after I shut down the MacBook Pro using power button after the screen froze ...
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