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DNS resolution temporarily failing [duplicate]

Macbook air mid-2012 w/ Mountain Lion. Whenever I wakeup from a long sleep and also on some random moments when it's on, i get DNS resolution failures for every server, with nslookup saying ;; ...
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Why will my Mac only load Google and Facebook?

I'm running into this really strange problem on my 2013 iMac at home (running Mavericks): the internet will work for a while, then at some point it will stop being able to load any websites except for ...
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How do I flush the DNS cache on a OS X 10.6 machine?

Trying to flush the local DNS cache. How is this done on Snow Leopard? Using System Preferences and using the terminal?
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Cannot ping localhost: "unknown host" on Mac OS X El Captain

I am trying to resolve localhost which right now is "not found" if I ping localhost - I am getting ping: cannot resolve localhost: Unknown host I have made sure that the /etc/hosts file has the ...
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The server returned the error: The server “” cannot be contacted on port 993

My Mac Mail has just started going on the fritz. I have a gmail account linked to mail and also a hotmail account. Both have warning signs and I cannot send or receive mail. They were both fine ...
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Can't use machine name to login using SSH anymore on Yosemite, how to fix?

from yesterday I have noticed that I can't connect via SSH to my OS X's SSH server anymore using the following command: User-MBP:~ user$ ssh user@user-mbp user is the user on the server, user-mbp is ...
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DNS doesn't work properly in OS X Yosemite

There is a problem with resolving DNS in my OS X Yosemite. Safari doesn't load web sites, ping says "unknown host" to DNS servers set to and dig Gets ...
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DNS resolution broken in El Capitan with Thunderbolt Ethernet Adapter on Offline network

After upgrading to El Capitan how do I enable DNS resolution on an offline, internal computer network? Before upgrading to El Capitan I could connect to my internal network, set my DNS and search ...
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DHCP and DNS fail to work in Mac OS X 10.8.2, still work in recovery mode

I've been most unfortunate to see my mid-2012 Macbook Air 11" running Mac OS X 10.8.2 stop properly receiving DHCP leases AND resolving DNS names to IPs. I know, there is 10.8.5, and Mavericks that ...
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Only Chrome can access the Internet

Very curious problem - only Chrome can access the Internet, but literally everything else cannot. Confirmed this in Activity Monitor's Network tab (it shows 0 bytes sent/received for literally every ...
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OS X doesn't query local DNS names properly

None of our OS X client machines in our workplace query local DNS names of our servers properly after connecting to VPN. For other client machines – including Linux and Windows – it works properly. ...
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Mac cannot resolve DNS on WiFi, but works fine on cellular tethering

I have consulted the questions/answers here. But it seems nothing is working. I can ping, but I cannot ping nslookup and dig @ is ...
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Losing internet connection 30 seconds after turning on the Mac

I am being connected to the Wi-Fi, but there's no internet connection, it stops working approx 30 seconds after I turn on my iMac. In Windows via Parallels on the same device, the connection is fine. ...
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DNS server priority in 14.1.2 Sonoma

I setup my DHCP server to assign three DNS servers: - my own internal DNS server for hosting private A records for my home network - Open DNS - Open DNS My ...
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Domain Name Resolution (DNS) stops working randomly

While browsing and using the web, DNS stops working. Open web-chats like Google Hangouts keep working, but opening new websites, Skype, and others are stuck to "Resolving host name". This happens ...
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