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Random sale ad in Calendar [duplicate]

This morning when I opened by computer, I saw a notification for an event that I never created. I have not linked my email address on macbook and I'm not even from US. So why is there an event with ...
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Spam in Apple Calendar [duplicate]

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Spam email addresses hiding in iPhone calendar sharing [duplicate]

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how to prevent these alerts from appearing on my calendar [duplicate]

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How to remove Calendar event without the sender's notification

Today I got an event request from a "fake ray ban" scammer/seller for my iCloud calendar. The calendar is shared/synced with my iPhone via iCloud. Unfortunately, when I pressed delete, the calendar ...
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How can I turn off responses to Calendar invites?

When I accept or decline a meeting invite, Calendar automatically sends an email to the person that invited me to the meeting. OS X 10.10.2 calendar app How can I turn this off so that no response ...
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Why does automatically add iCal events from invitations I receive?

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Suspicious Calendar Events, Spam Phone Calls, and Outgoing Messages—Has my iPhone been hacked?

Has my iPhone been hacked? Part I: The FaceTime Call Yesterday evening, after turning on Do Not Disturb mode for the night, my phone begin to ring (an incoming FaceTime call) with a ringtone I have ...
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Apple Calendar 'Delete and Don't Notify' sends Email anyway

It seems like Apple Calendar is not honoring the 'Don't Notify' part when deleting a meeting invitation. Calendar or Mail will sent 'decline' mails anyway when I delete an event even if it is just a '...
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