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How can I download an older version of OS X/macOS?

Sometimes it's hard to search for older / previous versions of macOS & OS X on the App Store or Apple web site since they change links to promote the newest shipping version. This is an attempt to ...
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macOS Sierra doesn't appear in my Purchased list within the Mac App Store

Typically, when users download and/or upgrade to a new version or macOS (previously Mac OS X), via the Mac App Store, that version of the installer appears in the Purchased tab of the App Store app. ...
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OS X El Capitan and older not available on App Store? [duplicate]

So it turns out I can not install Sierra because I have a Mid2009 Macbook Pro. I wanted to update to El Capitan, but it turns out its no longer available on the app store? Any ideas, how to get El ...
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How can I download the installer for macOS Sierra 10.12? [duplicate]

I have a MacBook Pro running El Capitan that I need to upgrade to Sierra 10.12 (not High Sierra) for development reasons. I have previously upgraded my personal computer as follows: El Capitan -> ...
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Are Mac OS images (eg. "OS X El") digitally signed? Safe to install from torrent?

So, I've upgraded OSX to Sierra, but I need to downgrade (long story), and OSX won't let me because I didn't create a Time Machine backup before upgrading. So I have downloaded the Install OS X El ...
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Yosemite to El Capitan

MBP 13" Early 2015. Currently on Yosemite (10.10.5). Mostly for Metal, I am interested in now upgrading to El Capitan (10.11.x). I have no interest in moving to macOS Sierra at this time. Apparently ...
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How does one download El Capitan from the App Store using High Sierra

The link from Apple's support page redirects to the Mac App Store but upon clicking download you're met with an error message saying you "This version of OS X can't be installed on the computer" Note:...
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Installing OS X not from App Store

This question might have been answered somewhere but have not been able to find it. So, I have a Mid-2009 MacBook Pro where I am still running OS X Yosemite since I forgot to update to OS X El Capitan ...
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Is there a "permalink" for Sierra at the App Store?

Upgrading, but I'd rather stick with Sierra until MacPorts is ready for High Sierra. In the App Store purchased tab, I see OS X Mavericks and the rest of the set, but I never installed Sierra. If I ...
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Reinstallation mac os x el capitan

Is it possible to reinstall mac os x el capitan to a macbook pro (2009) using a bootable usb made in windows? The internal disk is already erased and empty.
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Purchase El Capitan after Sierra

i've found a similar question but i think is a bit incomplete. I know how to download and install El Capitan now that Sierra is out. You just have to change the date in terminal to something like 2015 ...
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