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I spilled some milk on MacBook Pro, there is no sound what should I do? [duplicate]

I spilled some milk on my MacBook Pro and immediately dried it, it seemed to only have been on the top and bottom. Then about 10 minutes later I played a movie and there was no sound. I then noticed a ...
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How to fix damage caused by a water spill? [duplicate]

There was water spilled on my MacBook Air but I replaced the internal speakers. Now the sound is not working at all. No internal speaker or microphone is showing up and also the sound does not work ...
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Do I have enough evidence to conclude that my 2017 MacBook Air's problem is in the logic board? [duplicate]

I'm trying to revive a MacBook Air 2017 that suffered a liquid spill (diet Crystal Light on the keyboard). After a week of drying, open, in an aggressively dehumidified room, it started up and behaved ...
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battery is not charging after liquid contact [duplicate]

After spilling a tea into the macbook 11 i have disassembled it. Cleaned everyhing with IPA and brush. Put together. Macbook is working but charger does not charge. LED does not light. System says it ...
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Have to press down hard for keys on keyboard to work? [duplicate]

My mid-2010 MBP is malfunctioning. For all the keys I have to press down quite hard to get a response. "slow keys" is off. I spilled some water around the keyboard a few days ago, that's about when ...
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How do I clean a 13” mid-2012 MacBook Pro motherboard

My brother-in-law spilt coffee on his 13” mid-2012 Macbook Pro just before XMAS. He shutdown the Macbook Pro and a few days later removed the HD. He bought a new Macbook Pro for XMAS and the old HD ...
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My MacBook Air won't stay on unless it its plugged in [closed]

My MacBook Air will not keep charge unless it is plugged in. However it started right after I spilled some water on it. Went in through the Trackpad and keyboard. I thought it was completely dead, but ...
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water splash caused minor iPad Power Button problems, what is the risk of mainboard corrosion?

Summary Water splash on iPad Pro 12.9" (first generation) Power button stopped working, then few times appeared to press itself, then started working again. Third party repair service refused to open ...
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How to remove water which has into the screen of my iPhone?

I have Apple IPhone 6 and it accidentally fell into water and some of water went inside the screen, I got no problem with touch screen, even at the places where I got water touch screen is working ...
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How to Disable Left Command key

My wife spilled beer on my Macbook Pro (El Capitan) and now everything seems kind of ok, except I can't use the keyboard because the Mac thinks that the left Cmd key is always pressed. I've taken off ...
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Spilled wine on my Macbook Pro (2017) trackpad

I spilled wine on the trackpad. Not too much and it didn't go through my keyboard. I dried it out with a napkin and a hairdryer. After about two hours, on pressing the trackpad a little bit of wine ...
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My MacBook Pro doesn't recognize the battery after minor liquid spill

Hello and thank you in advance to everyone that will try to help me. My MacBook Pro get water damaged with some drops of water on the left/up side and, as it should do in this cases, i rapidly shutted ...
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MacBook Pro on table with water

So I spilled water on my table last night and thought I cleaned it all up but apparently not. I didn’t see there was still water on the table and I went to put my MacBook on the water. I only realised ...
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Apple Keyboard with numeric keypad problems

I have a very strange issue with my wired Apple Keyboard with numeric keypad. When I try to type the large letter Q by pressing the left Shift key, it doesn't work. However, when I use the right Shift ...
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Is there a way to power up a 2017 MacBook Pro (non Touch Bar) with a bad keyboard?

A friend of mine has asked me to take a look and see if I can bring their 2017 MacBook Pro (13", non Touch Bar) back to life. Apparently the cause of death was that a glass of wine was spilled on the ...
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