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How do I get command+tab to stop re-ordering spaces [duplicate]

Right now I have Chrome set up in Desktop 1, Terminal in Desktop 2, and Spotify in Desktop 3. If I command+tab to Spotify, it changes the order of the desktops, so now Desktop 3 is Desktop 2 and ...
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How to stop Mission Control from rearranging screens? [duplicate]

If I have arranged Finder to the left of the desktop and Slack to the right, and have Sketch further to the right, there's a reason for that. It's an organization strategy to make my work easier and ...
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Mission Control order criteria [duplicate]

What action is determining apps & windows list order in Mission Control, left to right? It looks like this changes while using the same apps/windows...
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Can I prevent my full screen windows from being mixed around? [duplicate]

I use my Mac for personal, school, and work use and as you can imagine it's really easy to get cluttered up with a ton of windows. The solution I devised is separate desktops for home and work, ...
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How to change the order of the virtual desktops

Is it possible to change the order of the desktop assigned to each monitor? It used to be setup so that they where all in sequence, 1 (laptop), 2, 3 however after working in a remote location for a ...
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How can I trigger AppleScript whenever the Deskop-workspace is changed?

I am an avid user of the Mission Control Desktop Workspaces feature of Mac OS. But keeping track of which space I'm in, and even moreso what the previous space was, is frequently a problem. There are ...
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Keyboard shortcut to switch to previous space

I am on Big Sur. My workflow involves like 10 static spaces that I access with CMD+NUM key shortcuts (not CTRL-NUM you can turn on in Sys Pref's Keyboard Shortcut section). Often I am just switching ...
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Switch between last accessed mission control workspace with key

Back when I used Linux I had a window manager similar to the macOS window manager, which had the same concept of different workspaces/desktops. It had a very useful additional feature, that you could ...
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How to reliably switch to an open application (with shortcut)

I find myself often struggling to simply switch between open applications with shortcut (CMD + TAB). Sometimes the programs appear in the icons list to switch to (what appears when pressing CMD + TAB) ...
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How can I go to the previous desktop in Mission Control using a hot key?

Say, I have 10 desktops. I'm on the desktop 2. I switch to the deskotp 7 using the F3 key and touchpad. Is there a standard hot key for switching back to the deskotp 2? And then back to the deskotp 7. ...
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