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Write in NTFS using Mavericks [duplicate]

I was able to read and write NTFS filesystems normally in Mountain Lion, but after the upgrade this stopped to work. I installed ntfs-3g and fuse4x using homebrew in Mountain Lion and followed the ...
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Write to NTFS-formated drives on Yosemite [duplicate]

I sometimes need to mount USB drives that are NTFS formatted and write to them. On Mavericks I achieved this using the Homebrew formula ntfs-3g which depends on osxfuse. After upgrading to Yosemite, ...
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How to write on FAT32 and NTFS from Mountain Lion? [duplicate]

What is the best free software for OS X Mountain Lion for enabling write support for FAT32 and NTFS?
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NTFS support on El Capitan [duplicate]

Just a quick question, is NTFS supported on El Capitan? I just plugged in my external hard drive and I am able to copy stuff from it, but not write to it. I guess only read mode is supported?
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How to enable NTFS 3G? [duplicate]

It is a common issue Mac users, when you try open NTFS external storage you allowed only read mode. And of course there are some solution. One of them it is NTFS 3G - free alternative. I followed ...
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Using NTFS External drive [duplicate]

I'm new to MAC OS. Using MacOSX 10.9.1 (Mavericks). My external HDD is formatted with NTFS. I need some rock-solid, free solution for reading and writing to this HDD. Any suggestions?
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How to edit files on/copy to an NFTS external hard drive? [duplicate]

I've got a WD MyBook external hard drive formatted in NTFS with files on it. How can I edit files already on it as well as paste files to it? I've installing Mounty and when I try to re-mount it read-...
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/etc/fstab file no longer working when writing on a NTFS disk [duplicate]

My Macbook Pro runs 10.6.8 and I have a NTFS 500G disk. In order to write into the disk, I had tried to edit the /etc/fstab file. It did work for years, but recently, I found it do not work and I don'...
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Write ntfs file system in el capitan [duplicate]

I have a hard disk which is in NTFS. I want to make it writable without formatting. I have gone through some solution for it but its working in previous version not in el captian. I tried this link ...
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How to Make Bootcamp Windows 7 Folders Accessible in Mac OS [duplicate]

Installed windows 7 on Bootcamp partition. I want to copy files to my Windows 7 folder from Mac OS but do not have appropriate permissions, when I drag something to any windows folder it doesn't allow ...
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2018 Mac Mini Can View Some But Not All Files On External Hard Drive [duplicate]

I just bought my first Mac which is a used 2018 Mac Mini with a Core i7 running Ventura 13.5.2. I plugged in an external hard drive which is formatted in NTFS; very strangely it is able to view some ...
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How to fix external hard disk NTFS READ ONLY? [duplicate]

On reinstalling MacOS Mojave, my NTFS hard drive became read-only. Previously, before reinstalling the OS I used to use applications like NTFS for MAC to be able to Read and Write on the disk, however ...
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How to remount an internal drive as read-write in mountain lion

Suddenly a secondary drive with HFS+ partition changed from read-write to read-only. How can I use the mount command to reverse it in mountain lion?
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Can't install NTFS-3G on macOS BigSur

Hi I'm trying to install NTFS-3G on macOS BigSur but every time I run brew install ntfs-3g it reports Error: ntfs-3g has been disabled because it requires FUSE!. Obviously I've already installed ...
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NTFS-3G unmounts NTFS partitions because it "did not receive signal in 15 seconds"—what signal?

After upgrading to Lion, NTFS-3G has been encountering problems. I uninstalled NTFS-3G and MacFUSE, reinstalled them and rebooted; but the problem still exists: After connecting an USB-disk that has ...
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