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How to switch between different Chrome windows with keyboard shortcuts?

Switching between applications is easy with command-tab. Switching between tabs is easy with command-} or control-tab. Switching between separate windows within an application is easy with command-`....
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Switch windows of an application across desktops

Is there a way (which does not cost a buck) to switch between windows across desktops with Option Tab? Not between apps, but between windows. Meaning: if I have a Chrome window on desktop 1 and ...
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How to change the default shortcut for "move focus to next window" to something else? [duplicate]

On Slovenian keyboard it's impossible to click the default shortcut.
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How can apply Ubuntu's ALT-TAB behavior to macOS?

I think Ubuntu's current approach to desktop window management is more efficient than macOS's. For example, if we have 4 different workspace areas (a.k.a. Desktop in macOS world), when you do ^ Option+...
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Using Command + ` to cycle through windows across different Spaces in macOS Mojave

I use Command + Tab and Command + ` often when switching between apps/windows. I also have multiple Spaces that I typically use. I've found that using Command + ` only cycles through windows in the ...
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How do you disable Command + Tab (App switcher) in Monterey so that window switcher shortcuts from other applications can replace it?

I'm trying out Raycast app without any prior experience of its kind such as Alfred. To my astonishment, it has a built-in Switch Windows functionality which I can assign a hotkey. I am trying to ...
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macOS standard keyboard shortcuts for tabbing between windows [duplicate]

Are there any key combinations standards for tabbing between windows within an application? For example, in the Safari web browser: CTRL-TAB will cycle through the open tabs. It would be nice if ...
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I'm looking for a shortcut to view all opened windows for same application [duplicate]

So I want to reach to that view directly with one shortcut. To reach this I had to use CMD + tab then down arrow to android studio program to show me all opened projects so I can select which one. Is ...
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on MacOS, how to switch to different windows of the same application EASILY? [duplicate]

I found it very frustrating that CMD+TAB switches only between applications and not between windows of the same application. If I have several windows of Safari open, CMD+TAB will show only ONE ...
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Preview shortcuts to select editor tabs by index

I am trying to switch rapidly back and forth between two related Preview tabs (different versions of a research paper). In other applications I would do this by selecting Command-[TabNumber] e.g. ...
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raise window underneath the current active one

I am wondering is there a shortcut to raise another app's window underneath the current app's active one, so i can quickly toggle the top two windows, as this is a common workflow in my daily work. I ...
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Move focus to next window shortcut not working when having external monitor

So I have this weird issue that everytime I connect my Macbook Air M1 to my LG Ultrafine 5k monitor using USB-C, the Move focus to next window-shortcut is not working: It doesn't work if I use my ...
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Chrome apps are not treaded as standalone applications, what leads to app-switching problems

I am using OSX and Chrome-Apps for many years now, but there is one issue that still annoys me and that happens on OSX only and is no issue on Linux or Windows. The problem is that Chrome-Apps are not ...
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Change Between Open Documents, SPANISH Keyboard, LibreOffice Chrome [duplicate]

I found this article: According to changing between multiple opened documents in LibreOffice ...
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Navigate to next tab in finder window using keyboard

How to navigate to the next already open tab in finder window using keyboard ? mac osx 11.4 On Ubuntu just do control + pageup/pagedown
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