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MacBook move focus to recent window instead of next window

In MacBook, Cmd+` cycles through the windows of the same application. However, if I have multiple windows open, then to toggle between two windows, I have to cycle through all the windows. Is there a ...
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Switching between Mac Safari browser windows on French-Canadian Keyboard [duplicate]

Use Command + ` to rotate between windows of the same application. How about for those of us with a French-Canadian keyboard? And is there a way to achieve it on the Trackpad? I know I've done it ...
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How can apply Ubuntu's ALT-TAB behavior to macOS?

I think Ubuntu's current approach to desktop window management is more efficient than macOS's. For example, if we have 4 different workspace areas (a.k.a. Desktop in macOS world), when you do ^ Option+...
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How to change or remove keybindings in Finder

The general shortcut to change window in a specific app is Command’. This doesn't work in Finder where the same shortcut toggles visibility of status bar. How to change this behavior of Finder?
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How do I use shortcuts with the left square bracket [ key when there is none?

I'm using an M1 MacBook Air with a Swedish keyboard and there is no left square bracket [ key though I can do that bracket easily by pressing ⌥ Option + 8 . Xcode, however, has several shortcuts ...
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How to achieve direct window switching

I recently got a Mac for work, and one thing is really bothering me. For windows and linux there is a concept called "direct window switching," which allows changing windows without regard ...
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On Mac, I cannot switch between Safari windows using keyboard shortcuts

I'm losing my mind. I know that Command + ` is supposed to allow me to switch between Safari windows on my Mac, but it does nothing. Actually, it does nothing no matter what apps I'm using. Is there a ...
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How to switch between windows of same app when on different screens? [duplicate]

I use two screens, one is the laptop's screen and the other one is an external monitor. I have two windows of Chrome each one on a different screen. If I want to switch between these 2 windows of ...
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I'm looking for a shortcut to view all opened windows for same application [duplicate]

So I want to reach to that view directly with one shortcut. To reach this I had to use CMD + tab then down arrow to android studio program to show me all opened projects so I can select which one. Is ...
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How do you disable Command + Tab (App switcher) in Monterey so that window switcher shortcuts from other applications can replace it?

I'm trying out Raycast app without any prior experience of its kind such as Alfred. To my astonishment, it has a built-in Switch Windows functionality which I can assign a hotkey. I am trying to ...
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How to switch to second window of a running app with applescript?

In MS Teams new meeting experience the meeting it self always opens in a separate window, which I'd like to make active via apple script to be able to thereafter trigger a shortcut. That way I can be ...
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Move focus to next window shortcut not working when having external monitor

So I have this weird issue that everytime I connect my Macbook Air M1 to my LG Ultrafine 5k monitor using USB-C, the Move focus to next window-shortcut is not working: It doesn't work if I use my ...
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Modifying the app switcher keyboard shortcut

I'm new to macOS. After more than 20+ years on Windows, I got used to toggling between apps using Alt+tab and also using simple functions as 'copy-paste'. So, I switched between the 'command' button ...
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How to enable switching between windows of chrome with CMD + ` on Big Sur? [duplicate]

I read in a lot of questions about this topic that cmd + ` should switch the windows, but it simply does not switch the windows, is there some other shortcut in Chrome that prevents this one from ...
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Why are some Firefox windows not cycling through the entire list of windows I have open?

I've got a bunch of open windows in Firefox and somehow two of them (this one included which is the most recent one I've opened) are isolated into their own group. The other 8 or so windows will cycle ...
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