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How to switch to second window of a running app with applescript?

In MS Teams new meeting experience the meeting it self always opens in a separate window, which I'd like to make active via apple script to be able to thereafter trigger a shortcut. That way I can be ...
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Move focus to next window shortcut not working when having external monitor

So I have this weird issue that everytime I connect my Macbook Air M1 to my LG Ultrafine 5k monitor using USB-C, the Move focus to next window-shortcut is not working: It doesn't work if I use my ...
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Cannot toggle between YouTube on full screen and other apps in Google Chrome

I recently switched by browser from Firefox to Google Chrome and now when I have a YouTube video on full screen it won't let me toggle between the video and other apps using the ⌘ Command ` shortcut ...
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Switch windows of an application across desktops

Is there a way (which does not cost a buck) to switch between windows across desktops with Option Tab? Not between apps, but between windows. Meaning: if I have a Chrome window on desktop 1 and ...
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Command + Tab in the same application with many windows

What I want to do is: if I have 3 open pdf's files, 3 open word's files, among other applications, I want to press Command + Tab and the 3 pdf's AND the 3 word's will appear. For example, in the image ...
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How do I use shortcuts with the left square bracket [ key when there is none?

I'm using an M1 MacBook Air with a Swedish keyboard and there is no left square bracket [ key though I can do that bracket easily by pressing ⌥ Option + 8 . Xcode, however, has several shortcuts ...
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Navigate to next tab in finder window using keyboard

How to navigate to the next already open tab in finder window using keyboard ? mac osx 11.4 On Ubuntu just do control + pageup/pagedown
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Show window preview when switching windows of the SAME app

I've recently switched to MacOS from Ubuntu, and have been trying to replicate my usual keyboard shortcuts for window management. I'm using Cmd+` to switch between windows of the same app, but when ...
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What's the shortcut to switch between app documents in a Spanish keyboard?

I know the shortcut to switch between app documents (or Finder windows) is Cmd+~, but in the Spanish keyboard to get a tilde you can't use a single key, you need to press Alt+Ñ. I've tried pressing ...
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Using Command + ` to cycle through windows across different Spaces in macOS Mojave

I use Command + Tab and Command + ` often when switching between apps/windows. I also have multiple Spaces that I typically use. I've found that using Command + ` only cycles through windows in the ...
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raise window underneath the current active one

I am wondering is there a shortcut to raise another app's window underneath the current app's active one, so i can quickly toggle the top two windows, as this is a common workflow in my daily work. I ...
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Preview shortcuts to select editor tabs by index

I am trying to switch rapidly back and forth between two related Preview tabs (different versions of a research paper). In other applications I would do this by selecting Command-[TabNumber] e.g. ...
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How to change the switch window key?

On my Macbook with a US-International physical keyboard, the windows of one application are cycled with CMD+`. Now I also use an iMac that has a German keyboard (the printing on the keys). I switched ...
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How to access shortcuts for Forward and Backwards in PhpStorm when using a German keyboard on a Mac

I have recently switched from a PC to a Mac. I'm working a lot in PhpStorm and there use the keyboard shortcuts for Forward and Backwards, which on Windows are Ctrl+Alt+←/→. Now I read that this is on ...
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Shortcut for toggling between different fullscreen windows of same app?

I have macOS Monterey and want to find out how to jump between fullscreens of the same app. I'm not found this answer here. But it seems Cmd+Opt+` works.
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