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On Slovenian keyboard it's impossible to click the default shortcut.
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on MacOS, how to switch to different windows of the same application EASILY? [duplicate]

I found it very frustrating that CMD+TAB switches only between applications and not between windows of the same application. If I have several windows of Safari open, CMD+TAB will show only ONE ...
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I'm looking for a shortcut to view all opened windows for same application [duplicate]

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macOS standard keyboard shortcuts for tabbing between windows [duplicate]

Are there any key combinations standards for tabbing between windows within an application? For example, in the Safari web browser: CTRL-TAB will cycle through the open tabs. It would be nice if ...
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Change Between Open Documents, SPANISH Keyboard, LibreOffice Chrome [duplicate]

I found this article: According to changing between multiple opened documents in LibreOffice ...
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Windows like Alt-Tab (Cmd Tab) [duplicate]

Is there a way to tab through all active windows in Mac OS (Mojave 10.14.5) like in Win 7,8,10? I would like to do this on my work computer, so a native solution would be appreciated; rather than one ...
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How to cycle windows of the same app on Czech keyboard layout [duplicate]

cmd+tilde does not work as the key below Esc is mapped to '<' character on my layout. I cannot find any preferences to remap this. Franky I am surprised this does not work, this mapping should be ...
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How to enable switching between windows of chrome with CMD + ` on Big Sur? [duplicate]

I read in a lot of questions about this topic that cmd + ` should switch the windows, but it simply does not switch the windows, is there some other shortcut in Chrome that prevents this one from ...
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How to switch between windows of same app when on different screens? [duplicate]

I use two screens, one is the laptop's screen and the other one is an external monitor. I have two windows of Chrome each one on a different screen. If I want to switch between these 2 windows of ...
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Switching between Mac Safari browser windows on French-Canadian Keyboard [duplicate]

Use Command + ` to rotate between windows of the same application. How about for those of us with a French-Canadian keyboard? And is there a way to achieve it on the Trackpad? I know I've done it ...
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How to switch between different Chrome windows with keyboard shortcuts?

Switching between applications is easy with command-tab. Switching between tabs is easy with command-} or control-tab. Switching between separate windows within an application is easy with command-`....
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How do you disable Command + Tab (App switcher) in Monterey so that window switcher shortcuts from other applications can replace it?

I'm trying out Raycast app without any prior experience of its kind such as Alfred. To my astonishment, it has a built-in Switch Windows functionality which I can assign a hotkey. I am trying to ...
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On Mac, I cannot switch between Safari windows using keyboard shortcuts

I'm losing my mind. I know that Command + ` is supposed to allow me to switch between Safari windows on my Mac, but it does nothing. Actually, it does nothing no matter what apps I'm using. Is there a ...
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How can apply Ubuntu's ALT-TAB behavior to macOS?

I think Ubuntu's current approach to desktop window management is more efficient than macOS's. For example, if we have 4 different workspace areas (a.k.a. Desktop in macOS world), when you do ^ Option+...
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shortcut for cycling between different windows of Finder on Mac (not the tab)?

I have macOSSierra 10.12.5, I have checked the keyboard shortcuts in system preferences and Cmd ⌘ ` (command + backtick) is enabled indeed! Yet, when I open two finder windows (not the tabs), I ...
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