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Kernel_task using 300% CPU time, high fan speed and slow computer in MacBook Pro [duplicate]

My MacBook Pro has become slow lately. Activity monitor shows kernel task is using around 300% CPU. The fan is always on at high speed. Below are the details of my computer: Macbook Pro 13-inch, Mid ...
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MacBookAir kernel_task at 300% and rising [duplicate]

I have a MacBookAir5,1 connected to a Thunderbolt Display. When it gets very hot, PID 0 "kernel_task" uses ever more CPU until reaching 340% and slowing the Mac down sufficiently to make me restart ...
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MBP early '11 kernel_task over 300% when unplugged [duplicate]

Ok, after reading so many topics and not finding a solution maybe I should join the army of people posting topics about a kernel_task problem with a MBP. Which MacBook do I own: MacBook Pro 13", ...
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Kernel_task boosts CPU to 300%-500% (Yosemitte MBP 2011 without a battery) [duplicate]

Long story short, my oldie MBP 2011' battery started bloating, I've contacted a repair service center and they advised me to remove the battery and use it on AC power, while they get a new battery for ...
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Why does kernel_task cpu% grow unbounded until forced reboot? [duplicate]

I saw an issue with my MacBook Pro running El Capitan with Chrome running that the kernel_task went haywire and started sucking up all the available CPU and the % cpu just kept climbing to where it ...
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How to find cause of high kernel_task cpu usage?

Occasionally my machine will have a kernel_task instance max out the CPU: This can last from minutes to sometimes hours. The machine is effectively unusable in this state. Restarting doesn't help; a ...
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Why is kernel_task using so much CPU?

I have a Macbook Pro Retina with the following hardware: Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,1 Processor Name: Intel Core i5 Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz Number of Processors: 1 ...
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CPU usage is too high with Yosemite and an external monitor

I use Yosemite 10.10.4 on my MacBook Pro (2012). I used to work with an external monitor: Apple Thunderbolt 27" monitor. The issue is that, according to Activity Monitor, the kernel_task process ...
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OS slows down when I connect external monitor

I'm currently using a Mid-2015 MacBook pro and running Catalina's latest build on it. Although for quite a long time anytime I connect the MacBook to an external display via HDMI it seriously slows ...
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Very high kernel_task CPU usage after updating to Yosemite 10.10.4

I updated to 10.10.4 on July 1, and ever since I've had very high CPU usage - roughly 270%, i.e. two and a half of four processors - by kernel_task. It appears on login for about five minutes, then ...
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How to stop throttling

How could I improve the performance of my MacBook and stop throttling? Although the CPU load is not by 100%, the CPU cores heat up to 100 degrees.
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High Temp at Startup after Upgrading to High Sierra

After upgrading to High Sierra (I have clean installed it), my mac (Macbook Pro 2010) needs unreasonably longer time to login. As a result, I have noticed that the temperature increases to around 100 ...
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Macbook Pro overheating issue?

I don't know why, but these days my fans for some reason run throughout the day. When the fans start spinning the computer becomes extremely laggy. I have also tried running Macs Fan Control app after ...
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kernel_task CPU usage with SIP on a MacBookPro8,2 with no battery

Is there any evidence or technical documentation to support the notion that System Integrity Protection can cause excessive use of the CPU by kernel_task in some situation? Background No battery. ...
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MacBook Air (mid 2013, 13", i5) - Geekbench scores on MacOS and Ubuntu

Today I decided to do a clean install on MacBook Air - did an online recovery, erased the disk and installed MacOS High Sierra. Even clean it didn't behave really good so I decided to try Geekbench - ...
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