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Kernel_Task using too much RAM [duplicate]

ever since updating my mac to high sierra my kernel_task has been using way too much RAM up to 1gb (i have 4 gb of RAM). Any solutions on how to resolve this?
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What is the "rootless" feature in El Capitan, really?

I have just learned about the "Rootless" feature in El Capitan, and I am hearing things like "There is no root user", "Nothing can modify /System" and "The world will end because we can't get root". ...
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How do I debug an out-of-control "kernel_task" process?

Just recently I noticed my battery life having a pretty significant drop and the "kernel_task" process using quite a bit of CPU (a constant 1-6% on my 2.8ghz dual-core i7, 2010 MBP). Obviously I think ...
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"Your system has run out of application memory." How is that possible?

macOS is regularly popping up a "Force Quit Applications" dialog: Your system has run out of application memory. To avoid problems with your computer, quit any applications you are not using. ...
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How do you get system diagnostic files from macOS?

I am trying to debug a crashed (or hanging) app. How do I get the diagnostic files from the crash?
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“Your system has run out of application memory”, but memory pressure is not even at 50%? [duplicate]

The system has 16GB of memory, and the memory pressure looks well below even 50%. This doesn't make any sense. Usually the message starts popping after about 10 days without restarting. Any light to ...
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MacBookAir kernel_task at 300% and rising [duplicate]

I have a MacBookAir5,1 connected to a Thunderbolt Display. When it gets very hot, PID 0 "kernel_task" uses ever more CPU until reaching 340% and slowing the Mac down sufficiently to make me restart ...
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How to find out which process eats up memory?

My MacBook Pro has 8G RAM. Recently memory leak offen happened. Page outs and swap used kept increasing. The last time it used ~8G swap space. But in Activity Monitor, I can't find any process has a ...
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Free up unused memory from kernel_task

I am a web developer, and sometimes I encounter software bugs that has runaway threads or used up available memory in a browser process. Terminating the offending Chrome process will free up the ...
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kernel_task high CPU consumption and slow Mac

It's not a new problem, I'm facing it for sometime now. My MacBook runs fine all the time but this kernel_task issue occurs whenever it awakes from sleep. No issues with DisplaySleep. I can't put the ...
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How to hunt down which tab or webpage (on Google Chrome) used a lot of memory?

I already know Google Chrome was using a lot of memory for a badly behaving webpage. The issue was I don't know which webpage was doing that. Sometimes after a day or two, possibly some webpage on ...
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Unidentified connections driving up load and kernel_task cpu usage

Well, I don't know exactly what I should ask, but I'm trying to fix that I've had kernel_task at 100-500% of CPU for most of the past week, bringing everything to a halt. I've looked at this thread: ...
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Very unreasonable use of CPU by system [duplicate]

Im quite new to mac enviroment, but been on Ubuntu for years.. Thing is, till last week everything seemed smooth and nice, i was ready to sign on to "apple just works" mentality, but then ...
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Continually getting "you do not have enough application memory" despite plenty free [duplicate]

A few times recently my MacMini running 10.14.6 gets into a loop of giving this error every few minutes to seconds. This is despite having 1.5-3GB application memory free, according to the Memory ...
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