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Know of any features or tips and tricks in OS X 10.7 (Lion)?

Kind of like this: Please share your hidden macOS features or tips and tricks but specific to OS X Lion 10.7.x ONLY Do you know any hidden or little-known nice feature of OS X 10.7 (Lion)? It doesn't ...
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Apart from being able to encypt an entire volume, what are the other differences of FileVault 2 over FileVault?

Does FileVault 2 in Lion have any other differences compared to the old version, FileVault in previous releases of the system? Are there any additional benefits to using the new version?
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Using "<Modifier>+Left/Right" to move between words in an editing window

I've recently switched to a MacBook as my main platform for doing work. Previously, I was an all-Linux sort of person (I now run Linux under VMware). But there are still a few UI differences that are ...
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What scenarios benefit from Mac OS X allowing apps to run when no document windows remain?

As a rule of thumb programs on Mac OS X stay running when you close all their document windows. This is the behavior I noticed in MacVim, VmWare Fusion, Chrome and host of other applications. I ...
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keyboard no longer repeats keys when held down

I just wanted to make some input where I press a key and the auto-repeat function engages so I don't have to press the 0 key many times to make a long number. 10000000000000000000000000000 This has ...
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How do you convert video within 10.7 without any 3rd party software

Is it possible to convert video resolution within 10.7 without the use of or other 3rd party software? I'm not allowed to install any apps on this machine so hence not being able to ...
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How do I change the default Space for an app in Mission Control?

Under Snow Leopard and Spaces you could define which Space an app should automatically launch in, including the ability to indicate that it should be visible in every space. My apps are respecting ...
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Why my application icons wiggle when I press ALT key in Launchpad?

I tried Launchpad first time today and went through the common modifier keys & their combinations to see if some hidden options appear. When I pressed ⌥ ALT all the apps started wiggling. What ...
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Lock Screen Screenshots

I want to take a screenshot of my Lion lock screen to highlight the new circular user portraits. Is there an easy way to take a screenshot of the OS X lock screen?
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Will i benefit from important features of Lion with a trackpad/MacBook?

I am an avid iMac user and have no intention of buying a MacBook/MacBook Air or a trackpad. I have just installed Lion and have seen Launchpad and Mission Control in my Dock. I could see myself using ...
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How can I tell what is using disk space by category and monitor changes?

Is there a simple way to determine what is using disk space on a Mac OS X installation? Obviously single files and directories is straightforward, but how about at a slightly higher level ...
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Controlling the new man page pop-up

Frequently while typing comands in Terminal, a yellow window pos up which tries to display a man page. I haven't figured out what triggers it, but it's almost always empty and is trying to show man X ...
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