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How can I disable Window Minimize animation

I'm about ready to throttle someone if I can't figure this out. I have been working to disable all animation effects throughout OSX (10.9.2). since I got my new laptop about 3 months ago. I think ...
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How can i speed up the animation of hiding the menu bar?

I recently installed OS X El Capitan and figured out I could hide the menu bar. But it would be nice if i could accelerate the animation. For hiding the dock menu I use these defaults. I wondered ...
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Is there a way to cancel or disable the minimize animation completely?

Is there a way to cancel or disable the minimize animation completely in Mac OSX?
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Disable and re-enable animations Terminal commands

I used the following Terminal commands to disable animations: # opening and closing Quick Look windows defaults write -g QLPanelAnimationDuration -float 0 # showing a toolbar or menu bar in full ...
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How to turn off all animations?

I wish to turn off all animations in macOS. I'm following the steps provided in the answers to How to turn off all animations on OS X. I wish to turn off animations on my MacBook Pro running macOS ...
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skip full-screen animation in Catalina and Big Sur

In macOS 10.15.4+, when you make a window fullscreen, an animation about a second long zooms the window to the new size, and then the window rerenders (for example, a web browser or a Terminal). Can ...
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How to change Open/Save dialog speed

Open/Save dialogs on my Mac (macOS 10.14.1) delay about 0.5 to 1 seconds. How do I change this delay to zero seconds?
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How to turn off Launchpad transparent

My MacBook, with Retina Display, has problems with smooth animations. How can I turn off the transparency (and blur) in Launchpad on OS X El Capitan? Also I'd like to turn off animation when I open ...
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How to disable animation on opening Notification Centre in macOS?

I couldn't find it here. Perhaps you can't disable it but if you can I would love to know how. My preference is for Notification Centre to open instantly.
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Disable slow window animation on OS X El Capitan?

I've tried the answers suggested in this question: How to turn off all animations on OS X But so far now luck. When an application has been recently opened, I can switch to it without seeing the ...
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How can I disbale login animations in macOS?

How can I disable the hideously irritating 'rolling cube' animation when logging in? When I switch from one user account to another, at first it appears to switch instantly to the selected user, but ...
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Artifacts from notification fade-in/out windows when using VNC/Screen-Sharing

I'm using Finder's "Connect to Server" with a "vnc://..." address to access a desktop remotely, from one Mac to another (both running the latest Catalina), and have always had an issue with ...
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