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Can I download a free app from the App Store without a credit card?

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iTunes Store: "Your payment method was declined."

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How to use an existing Apple ID to download free apps from App Store without using Credit Card?

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Why am I asked for a credit card number to download a free app? [duplicate]

I want to download free app in my iPod touch device and i have the following doubts. Kindly resolve me doubts. when i try to download it asks my credit card security number. since i am trying to ...
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How do you use an existing AppleID on iOS App Store without providing a credit card number?

I already have an Apple ID, made at Now, when I want to access the App Store from my iPad, I am told that I have to review my information. On the credit card page, I am not presented with a ...
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Log in iTunes with existing Apple account without credit card [duplicate]

I have existing Apple ID but when I tried to log in itunes, clicking None as payment, I still can't proceed even if I click 'Next'
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Why is my App Store saying it needs my to give it my credit card? [duplicate]

So, I'm trying to get a make up cam for danTDM photos (lol) so I'm trying to get it and it's free and I haven't gotten a app in a long time and then it came up! GIVE US CREDIT CARD. And so I tryed it ...
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None Payment option not present [duplicate]

After creating an Apple ID in another location, I am forced to enter payment information in the iOS, Mac, and iTunes stores. Even when trying to purchase a Free app, I am forced to enter payment ...
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iPhone 4s asking payment details [duplicate]

Hello I cannot select the option 'none' as that option is not available. I'm getting really frustrated as I'm trying to download free aps and it will not let me as keeps wanting payment details. I did ...
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Issue with app store downloading [duplicate]

When I need to download any app from the App Store, it is directly taking me to put in my Apple ID and password to confirm the way of purchasing. This app is free. Previously, there was an option "...
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app store wont let me download free apps [duplicate]

when I try to download a free app it asks for my credit card info, and I don't have one and I say none but it just restarts and wont let me pick none.
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My iPhone says I need to do billing [duplicate]

My iPhone is saying I need to do billing but there is not a none button by the credit cards what do I do I need to download a app for my cheerleading
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iTunes charges when it's advertised as free [duplicate]

Why does it advertise free for 3D tour of ancient Jewish temple then when I try to install the app it asks for credit card details
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Being asked for credit card information for updates on apps already purchased [duplicate]

I have purchsed the apps & most I have are free but I'm being asked for credit card information for apps that are being updated. I'm not being charged for the updates, am I?
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