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Are there any improvements in the Mavericks Terminal app? [duplicate]

Most OS X updates have included a few tweaks to the Terminal app. I know that Mavericks has upgraded a lot of command-line tools, but I haven't seen any reports of changes in itself. Has ...
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Isn't Inactive memory a waste of resources?

I'm looking for explanation of memory usage on my machine especially in light of the example in this screenshot below: I understand what is Free and Active means But what are the meanings of Wired ...
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What scale or measure does Mavericks' and Yosemite's "memory pressure" adhere to?

Mavericks' (and also Yosemite's) Activity Monitor shows a new diagram, the memory pressure. Sadly, its help text only vaguely explains what exactly it measures. How is memory pressure calculated? ...
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How do I tell Finder to always show my Library folder on Mavericks?

I thought there was a checkbox to suppress the hiding of my user Library folder on Mavericks, but I can't seem to find it. I appreciate hiding Library by default, but since Lion have missed it being ...
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Insanely high kernel RAM usage (over 9GB) in Mavericks

I upgraded to Mavericks yesterday, and everything seemed to go fine, but today I noticed that my computer was becoming a bit slow. I checked Activity Monitor, and CPU / disk were at normal levels so I ...
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Why is it that my Mac would rather swap than clear inactive memory?

Why is it that my Mac (running 10.8 Mountain Lion) would rather swap than clear inactive memory? I know people say that the Mac OS manages itself and whatever, but there is a serious performance dip ...
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Is integrated VRAM included under `kernel_task` RAM in Activity Monitor?

I was stunned to discover that Mac OS X kernel can consume 750MB of RAM. A few related questions: Is it a problem if kernel_task is routinely above 130MB on mid 2007 white MacBook? kernel_task using ...
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Trouble Understanding Inactive Memory in MacOSX

I thought that I understood how MacOSX manages memory, but recently I’ve become baffled by its performance. Here is the situation: I have a brand new Core i7 system with 8GB of physical memory ...
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Airplay Quality Issue From MacBook Pro

Long story short, my question is - is there a known quality issue using Airplay from a MacBook? And is there a way to improve quality? Details I have an HDTV here that I'm using for Airplay ...
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How can I force Safari to Save As webpage?

Sometimes, you can't save the page you want (actually I don't know why this happens). How can I force the Safari to Save As? URL:What features of Mavericks are beneficial to you?
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Returning to simple pop-up characters panel?

One of my favorite new Mavs features is the pop-up characters panel. Its operation is detailed here. It is summoned via control+command+space and looks like this: At some point, however, the key ...
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Poor battery stats on rMBP late-2013

I unpacked my new MacBook only 2 days ago and it showed 9-10 hours of battery life (as advertised). I didn't calibrate it, since it is no longer necessary (I was told). Today I noticed that it ...
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What features of Yosemite are beneficial to you? [closed]

This question serves to share and collect the enhancements that make a large difference to how you use your Mac. Please post one feature per answer. Please also check to see if your answer has ...
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