Is it somehow possible to change the window within an application with +< (sorry, German keyboard here, I guess it's +` (?) on English keyboards) while Drag & Drop something? While it works between different applications it seems not to work within one application with multiple windows. It's especially annoying with small screens and a lot of overlapping windows.

Example 1: Mark text in browser, drag it, +TAB to terminal (mutliple windows), +< to the terminal window you want to drop the text. This works.

Example 2: Mark text in browser, drag it, try to +< to another browser window. This does not work. Same thing with drag & drop of files between two (overlapping) finder windows. It is possible to do this if you use Exposé, but that's quite slow compared to +<.

It's a really annoying thing which bugs me since years and it's still an issue with OS X 10.8.


Finally, with OS X 10.10 Yosemite, this works as expected!


Might I suggest you use copy-and-paste instead of drag-and-drop?

  • Sure, that would work with text and probably other objects. But there are cases where this won't work. For example an image in a website can't (easily) copied-and-pasted, but drag&drop would work. – tlo Aug 31 '13 at 14:27

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