When I send mails to addresses from my address book, the recipients in the address bar are shown like name <nick@domain.tld>. Can I somehow prevent that name part, so that only the actual mail address is shown and not the names, as I name them in my personal address book? I kind of feel like it's not for the public how I name my contacts.


While composing and email you can click the arrow in the address and choose Edit Address or double-click the address to edit the information. By deleting the name and leaving just the email address (it should look something like < someone@somewhere.com >) should do the trick. I couldn't find a way of having this changes done permanently, though.

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    There is no way to permanently disable this behavior, without switching to a mail client that doesn't do this. (Every modern mail client that I am aware of does so, though.) – tubedogg Aug 21 '13 at 21:04

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