I don't find how to draw a curved arrow in a Keynote'09 presentation... I'm sure is really before my eyes but .....


Create the Arrow

  1. From the Insert Shape menu choose the "Draw with Pen" tool:
    Step 1

  2. Click once at one end of your curved arrow: Step 2

  3. Click and drag at the other end of your arrow: Step 3

  4. Hit the Escape key to stop drawing.

  5. From the line ends menu, choose an arrowhead you like: Step 4

Edit the Arrow

To reshape the curve, click on it once, then click on it again;
When the endpoints turn red you can change things: Step 5

Click and drag the round circles at the end of the gray Bezier
handles to reshape the curve (a little practice makes perfect): Step 6

Click and drag one of the red endpoints to change the start or end: Step 7

  • Do you know how to reset curve handles on a point? It's very common for me to have a point with handles that cannot be dragged anymore. – Olivier Lacan May 14 '12 at 15:31

Maybe you should look at this Thread. They speak about Keynote 4, but I think you can do that in Keynote '09 as well.

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